Should Best Friends Date? Yes, and Here's Why


It is awesome to have best friends! Such a person knows you and everything about you. You share with them the craziest moments of your life. He or she is the one who, without doing anything, can make you smile every time you see him or her. Sometimes, the level of affection for best friends is inexplicable. At first, you just have a good time together, but then you realize that you start falling in love with them. From friendship to love is one step. By and large, according to psychological researches, friendship is just the same love, excluding the sexual component. Moreover, researches show that romantic relations based on friendship are usually the happiest and strongest.

should I date my best friend

Romantic relationships with your best friend seem like an exciting idea. This is one of those things that you read about in books and watch in movies. However, before starting a long-term relationship with your best friend, you should consider both all the advantages and the pitfalls of such a decision. So, can best friends date? Let’s think over the idea of dating your best friend. Should you date your best friend?

The attraction to the best friend is more frightening than intriguing - you have been together for such a long time and know a lot of secrets about each other, why do you need to spoil such an intimate friendship with complex relationships and sex? But often, it is just such couples who live in harmony for decades. Building a relationship with the best friend is a hard task, but we are going to tell you why it is worth it.

1. There is no awkwardness in this relationship

He saw you both at your best and at the moments of illness, in a flood of tears, without makeup, etc. So in the morning, you will not be ashamed to appear in front of him without makeup or wearing baggy clothes. He knows that you feel comfortable with him and is well aware of your likes and dislikes. Thus, he will not judge or criticize you but take for who you are.

2. Your parents will agree well with him

Your parents will no longer have a desire to look for a groom for you, as they know that their child dates a reliable person. Also, they will not worry about your new relationship. They know that your best friend is someone who has been with you for a long time, and they will be happy that you live your life with a person who understands and knows you. Moreover, being best friends, you are already well acquainted with each other's parents even before the start of a relationship, which greatly simplifies many moments. For example, there will be no awkwardness from the first meeting.

3. You always have something to do together.

As friends, you plan a lot of activities together. As the friendship develops, you discover common interests and already know which activities bring pleasure to both of you. This is a great advantage when you are in a relationship with each other because you can continue to do the same things together. You do not have to adapt to the interests of a new person in your life or change tastes after the marriage. Instead, you simply re-open yourself with your best friend and continue to do fun things together.

4. He knows your life ambitions

Most likely, he has been your friend since school or college. He saw you working hard for the first job and borrowing money from your friends to pay the rent for the next month. Your best friend knows about your past, as well as future plans, career ambitions, and goals. He always supports and gives you advice. So, you will definitely have no quarrels about the life ambitions, because he has been with you from the moment you started dreaming about what you want from life in general. This kind of understanding is important for your individual growth and professional development.

5. It is comfortable

In such a relationship, there is no need to impress one another, or to hide any feelings because you are shy or indecisive. Being best friends, you have already reached the level of comfort that some couples have only after a long time living together. You will not have fears or uncertainties, and it makes your romantic relationship develop in a harmonious way.

Signs you should date your best friend

  • You have a lot in common

Obviously, you and your best friend have a lot in common, and it is wonderful! Because now, when you date each other, you can spend more time enjoying things that you both love to do. Do not be afraid that some words or touches will seem very personal and beyond the scope of friendship. At the initial stage of the relationship, you need to get used to each other's role of a loved one.

  • You feel comfortable with each otherhow to date your best friend

Since this person knows a lot about you, you will feel comfortable with him even on the first romantic or passionate date. Think about how much easier it will be for both of you, since you do not need to think through a model of behavior and look for an approach on how to get close to your loved one.

  • You know each other's fantasies

People always share fantasies with their best friends. You know what he dreams of, don’t you? So now, as a sweetheart, you can help him fulfill the dream.

  • You know each other's relationship history

If you already know the stories of each other's past relationships, then this is a great advantage for starting a romantic relationship. Therefore, you can avoid such fatal mistakes in your own relationships.

  • You can tell him anything

If you can tell your best friend about everything that makes you feel happy and sad, then this is a sure sign that you can start a romantic relationship. In turn, he shares with you all his thoughts and feelings. Your relationship will be filled with respect and understanding for each other.

  • You have many friends in common

Remember how hard it is to make the connection between your new boyfriend and friends. They get accustomed for a long time and may even dislike each other. If you are in a relationship with your best friend, there are no such problems. In addition, you probably already know even the parents of each other.

  • You attract each other

If you are so attracted to each other, then why not try to date? If you both feel attracted to each other, then there is nothing wrong with kissing, hugging, and loving the best friend. Do not be afraid of the reaction of others, they say, a friendship between a man and a woman cannot exist initially. In the end, no matter what others think, the main thing is that you are happy!

Asking a friend on a date: do's and don'ts

  • You are frightened only by the thought that you need to ask your friend out, but everything is not as scary as you think. You know each other for a long time, have common interests, know what to talk about and how to have fun with each other. Overcome the fear of rejection, take the initiative, and perhaps your friendship will grow into something more. We are going to give you some useful tips on how to ask a friend on a date.
  • Do not keep back the truth from your best friend. If you really like your best friend and want to start dating him, just walk over and ask him out on a date. Do not guess about the possible consequences. Just take the first step, that's all it takes. This is where most people get lost. They do not even try to make it clear that they have any feelings for a person. Never hide your feelings, set them free - it's time to do it!
  • Wait for the right moment. After all, you do not want to confess feelings to your best friend when he is in a bad mood? Remember: when a person is happy, he is inclined to make positive decisions. Therefore, choosing the right moment for asking out a friend is incredibly important. Plan a date in advance. You should prepare several options and best friend date ideas in advance, which will bring pleasure not only to you but also to your best friend.
  • Choose a good place for a meeting. Arrange the first date with a friend not amid familiar surroundings. Choose some new place and do not take friends on a date, so that no one influences your relationship that has just begun.
  • Be yourself. Pour out your heart to your best friend. Let him know what you really feel. When you are sincere and talk about your feelings from the pure heart, your chances of a romantic relationship increase. But do not overdo it, otherwise, a person decides that you put pressure on him.
  • Talk about your relationship. If you still decided to ask a friend out on a date, try to make time to talk about your relationship. This is a less risky option than to just suddenly kiss him. Of course, he can immediately respond to your kiss, but it may be that you just discourage him with such an act.

How to date your best friend

People who are in love with a best friend are not always easy to ask him on a date. There is often a fear of losing the friendship, and some are too cowardly to do it. Do not worry, there are 7 sure tips on how to date your best friend.

1. Flirt as a check

It can be difficult to start a romantic relationship after you have been crying on each other’s shoulders for several years and having a good time. Flirting is a good way to check your feelings. For example, you can start with the help of choosing clothes for each other, when you praise his muscular legs in these shorts, and he says something about your new dress. It is important to pay attention not only to whether he flirts back but also whether he does not say such things to other girls.

2. Make sure your friendship is proper

There is a big difference between the best friend and those with whom you have much fun together at parties. The first case is better for building a romantic relationship since you already know each other quite well. If you can’t call this person your best friend, then the relationship may suddenly reveal some unpleasant traits of his character.

3. Be honest about a true reason for dating your best frienddate your best friend

A friend you trust looks like a good option for building strong relationships. But besides trust and a sense of security, there are still many important points. For example, sexual attractiveness and the desire to be together, as well as the reliability of the partner and the absence of unpleasant statements about the former girls. It is important that your goals, level of motivation, and social activity coincide.

4. Stand the thought of the possible loss of everything

There is no worse way to spoil the nascent relationship than to worry whether you are already a couple or still friends with each new step towards intimacy. And all the more, you do not need to constantly torture yourself with the idea of what will happen if nothing works out. If your friendship is really strong, it will overcome everything.

5. Do not engage friends

At least at first stages. While your relationship develops, you don’t need to tell your friends about it - they are out of the situation. Over time, when everything is settled, you can talk to them about your romance. Keeping silence will save you from embarrassing situations, for example, when your common friends want to see how you kiss each other.

6. Everything can be awful at first

Even sex! People have different expectations from the first sex, and you should not have high hopes for this event. Especially, if you date your best friend. You should still get used to each other.

7. Do not give up

Romantic relationships are usually more difficult than even a very strong friendship. Both of you are waiting for a lot of discoveries, new feelings, habits, and disputes over trifles, like any couple. You should be ready for it and not give up everything when the first difficulties appear. You pass this stage together with your loved one – and everything becomes simple again.

To sum up, a strong friendship is a perfect basis for a happy romantic relationship. Act very carefully and make an informed decision, as best friends play an important role in our lives. Communicate openly and try not to rush things to make the transition from friendship to romance easier. As the relationship develops, strive to reinforce the feelings in order to move to a new level. Love each other and do not be afraid of going on a date with a friend!