Main Turn Offs for Women Every Man Should Avoid


Nowadays, we rely too much on online dating. Considering the fact that almost 60% of the world's population prefers using online apps and sites to find a prospective partner, it comes as no surprise. Men seeking women online and women seeking men online. Everything is extremely simple. Why dating rarely works, then? Well, because we rely too much on online communication. Yes, indeed, online communication was new to us like thirty years ago, and there is still a lot to be learned about it. But that doesn't mean that you should completely forget about the rules of offline dating.

Offline dating rules are much older than their online counterpart, still, people manage to make more mistakes on their first offline dates than in their online chatting. Quite often the main mistake that men commit is lacking any knowledge of turn offs for women. You may not think that you did something wrong, but your first offline date was your last. Want to avoid it? That's why we offer you to check out the top turn offs for women that you should keep in mind, even when you meet single girls online for the first time.

biggest turn offs for women

Why Women Are Sometimes Turned Off By Men?

Once again, we get so obsessed with doing everything right that when we succeed to bring your online mate to an offline date, we think that we cannot do anything wrong. That's what makes you feel too safe and confident, which makes you drop guard. And that's when you are inclined to make the biggest mistakes that work as a turn off for girls. But what is a turn off? What are the main reasons why she does not want to communicate with me further?

If you google turn off woman meaning, most likely, the first search result would be the meaning according to the urban dictionary. The explanation that you would be provided with is that turn off is something that disgusts you in the opposite sex. Thus, a woman may use "turn off," meaning something that disgusts her in men. But in our gender blending times, it may apply to both sexes and means something that embarrasses you in your prospective match.

So, why women get turned off by men sometimes? You never know. It could be you who creepily grinned at her during your offline date. It could be you who forgot to put cologne on. It could be you who expected her to pay for your dinner on the first date. While it may seem that women don't know what they want, the main reason for them getting turned off by you is you thinking that you've done enough online, so there is no point in trying hard offline.

Main Turn Offs Every Man Should Avoid

Now, let's go into details of, "What can be a turn off for a girl?" So, if you don't want all of your online efforts to go in vain, you should be quite careful, and you need to know what turns women off. Don't want to spoil your first offline date? Don't want your first offline date to be the last one? Then, we offer you to check out our list of the biggest turn offs for women without any further ado.

Don’t Set the Stakes Too High

One of the biggest turn offs for women is a man who expects too much from the first offline date. Everything was great in your online communication. You’ve sweated over it to make it work. But that doesn’t mean that you should expect her to sleep with you on the first date. Online and offline communications differ greatly. Thus, no matter how good your online correspondence was when you meet offline for the first time, you are basically getting acquainted once again. Thus, don’t be in the rush.

Self-Obsessionwhat turns girls off

Most likely, you won’t come across this problem on your first offline date, because if you are constantly talking about yourself online, you won’t have an offline date anyway. But if you’ve managed to keep yourself from manifesting your self-obsession online, it is better to stick to that offline as well. Constantly talking about yourself will definitely turn off your prospective girlfriend regardless of how charming you were online.

Inability to Listen

When you are chatting online, everything is simple, you just read her messages and reply to them. Things are more difficult offline, as you have to listen to your prospective match. Nothing can turn off a woman more than a man who is unable to listen to her. If you have to ask the same thing over and over again, it’s the major turn off. So, pay attention to what she says.

Lack of Confidence

What’s the biggest turn off for a girl? The lack of confidence in men. If you are scared to start the conversation on your offline date, if you cannot call the waiter in the cafe, if you cannot call her a taxi, then she will think that you are not confident enough to handle her. That doesn’t mean you should act arrogantly, however. So, keep the balance.

Absence of Manners

The major turn off for women is the absence of manners. Do you forget to open the door for her? You enter the cafe or restaurant first? You don’t pull the chair for her? Well, your date is doomed, congratulations! Even if you had the best possible chat conversation, even if she said that she doesn’t care for chivalry, you still need to remember your manners.

Getting Too Comfy

When you are together for a long time, you get used to the fact that one of you will give an unexpected or uncontrolled fart or burp from time to time. When you are communicating well online, you may get the feeling like you’ve known each other for a long time. This feeling may mislead you, and you can turn off your prospective date by farting or belching. Don’t get too comfy on the first offline date.

Being Boring

No matter how ridiculous it can seem, but even the most exciting online chat-mate can turn out to be the most boring person in conversations offline. If you know that generally you’re not very talkative or talk too much about some boring stuff, control yourself on your first offline date. It may save your prospective relationship.

Wandering Gaze

You have one woman, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot acknowledge the beauty of other women, right? Well, generally - yes. But that doesn’t mean that you need to get your prospective girlfriend acquainted with that your habit. If your gaze wanders on your first offline date and you stare at other women - beware.

Bringing Up Your Ex into the Conversation

Even if you mention your exes, even if your ex broke your heart, don’t go complaining about them on your first offline date. Even when your date-mate asks you about your past relationships, don’t go much into the details, just be brief. That would be enough for the first offline date if you want to make a good impression.

Bad Hygiene

While as obvious as it can seem, there are thousands of dates spoiled every year by bad hygiene. Did you forget to clean your teeth? Did you forget to wear cologne? Do you wear dirty clothes? What is wrong with you?! It’s your first offline date, and you should be well-prepared for it.

Are Those Universal? Or Each Woman Requires a Different Approach?

While we’ve collected the most typical turn offs, it doesn’t mean that there are no others. Yes, each woman should be approached individually. One gets turned off by you talking about yourself, while another doesn’t mind that at all. One will never answer your calls because you lack confidence, the other one will find it charming. One will angrily confront you about staring at other women, while another one will stare at other men. So, does it mean that you are still at risk of spoiling your first offline date? Well, yes and no.what turns women off

First of all, you need to remember that there are certain things which are absolutely okay for everybody, but that particular girl will hate it. In this case, you won’t be able to do anything. Moreover, if that person was turned off by the fact that you had decided to wear brown trousers, probably it’s better for you that you didn’t get along.

Secondly, you must remember that you are going to feel way more devastated if you don't like her, rather than she doesn't like you at your first offline meeting. You would be angry and depressed considering all of your online efforts with the outcome - going on the offline date with the woman who turns out not that charming as you’ve imagined.

And, finally, there is a way to avoid turn offs, even the individual ones. You need to remember the main turn offs that we’ve mentioned above, and you need to learn some other tricks. That’s why we offer you to check out the top three tips that will help you avoid turn offs without any further ado.

Be Attentive

The first major rule when figuring out the possible turn offs when you are communicating with your prospective girlfriend is being attentive. Yes, things are that simple. Does she say that she doesn’t like some specific sort of flowers? Memorize it. Does she say that she doesn’t like flowers on the first date, as she thinks that it’s the old-fashioned patriarchal approach to dating? Memorize it. All in all, be attentive to what she says.

Ask Her

Want to know what turns girls off? Ask a girl, she surely knows. While you are communicating online, you can discuss a vast array of topics. So, why don’t you ask her what turns her off? First of all, you have a great topic for a conversation, secondly, you have the opportunity to learn what turns off the particular girl that you are chatting with. Use your online dating properly.

Ask Yourself

Yes, we are all different, but we have far more in common than that which divides us. So, one of the best options would be asking yourself what turns you off. Or take a creative approach and model a situation. Imagine your first offline date, but with some random characters, and think about what man’s actions can turn a woman off. It really helps.

Everything Matters

If you want a direct answer what matters more - the main turn offs that we’ve collected here or some unexpected individual turn offs? Well, the answer would be - everything matters. You need to take into account all the probabilities if you don’t want to spoil your first offline date. You should also mind the turns off both online and offline. All in all, yes, dating can be tough, but it is well rewarded.