How to Start Dating after Divorce: Essential Tips


The end of marriage and family has never been a happy occasion. Something goes irreversibly wrong and you have nothing else left but to break up and divorce. Well, eventually it may become the best decision as some couples try really hard to enliven dead relationships and, as a result, remain unhappy for a long time.

Now that you are alone, you may look for someone special again. It might not be that easy but it will help you put yourself together and live happily again. Dating after a divorce has some peculiarities, and today we are going to talk about it. You will need to revive some things in your memory or even learn something new.


1. Give yourself some time.

Divorce is always a stress, even if it was peaceful in your case. You change the way you live and the way you think, which is usually stressful. Therefore, you need a certain amount of time to get ready for your new life and, consequently, new relationships. Relax. Maybe you need a trip to a spa hotel. Or just a few days near the river. You might also need a therapy. Everything works in case if you need to find your inner harmony again. Only after that, you may think about new relationships. Otherwise, nothing will work out properly, including dating.

2. Let your memories go

Another complicated assignment during your post-divorce period is to give up on everything that connects you with your ex-wife. In most cases, couples cease their existence because of substantial reasons. You need to get rid of every irritating and sad memory. No, without doubts, you will not be able to forget everything. You just need to decide for yourself what is important and what can be dismissed. In the end, new relationships will not be possible until you break the vicious circle of your memories and thoughts. Let this burden go, and you will surprise how good life can be.

3. Try something new

Probably, the last step before moving on to dating itself. After a divorce, people sometimes need to find themselves again. We hope your situation wasn’t that all tragic. However, finding a new hobby or activity is a rather good idea. It will help you clean your mind and meet new people. And, of course, you can participate activities that were not available while you were married. You, for instance, may abruptly decide to take a trip to mountains. But the point is – you can use your freshly acquired spare time for something you truly like.

4. Go for new dating opportunities

Something might have changed since you were dating. People often experience troubles with getting back to dating because they think they might not get along with people after being married for quite a long time. Which is a delirious thought. Since you have gone through the positive changes we mentioned previously, you are 100% ready for initiating something new and serious. We recommend paying your attention to online dating service – you may find numerous sites for certain age groups and purposes. However, live dates and random acquaintances sometimes work even better.

5. Move gradually

When it comes to dating, there’s no need to rush (especially for those who have just divorced). Here and then, the loneliness and loss of a divorce can push us into the arms of the first person that gives us some attention or offers some relief from the pain. And people tend to fall for such people, which is strange. Your main aim is to look for someone special, who can make you happy. It, of course, may take some time. But moving at a slow pace is a great decision! Yes, dating might feel intimidating or awkward. Yes, you might feel vulnerable. But with the right person – everything will work just fine!