How to keep a Russian girl interested in you


It’s generally believed that Russian men leave families and cheat more often than women. But due to the fact that more and more hot Russian girls get independent and confident every day, the phenomenon of women’s infidelity becomes less rare.

How to keep russian girl

Being in the society, developing and feeling some independence, Russian women for marriage no longer feel like hostages of certain limitations and beliefs that existed in society in the past.

Female’s power challenges male’s power and independence. If a man is interested in preserving the love and interest of his Russian woman, he needs to make efforts for this.

We offer you a couple of recommendations that will tell you how to keep a girl interested in you.

Make her invest time and effort in you

The first question that occurs in your head is probably: "How can I make her invest in me, if the girl herself got used to my investments?" That’s quite a fair question, actually. However, it’s not so difficult to “switch” to another relationship mode, in which she invests in you more than you invest in her.

Firstly, ask her to do something for you. It can be any small thing, for example, to hold the bags while you tie the shoelaces, or help you prepare snacks/lay the table when you cook dinner.

Secondly, show your approval to any of her investments (emotional and material) every time she does it. Thank her with words or a smile; say that she is doing well because she helps you with everything. Thank her for any initiative. If she became the initiator of a date, compliment on her doing this. Say that a lot of girls are afraid to show initiative, and she is better than the other ones because she is not afraid of doing it.

You will be surprised with how much she does for you.

And when she invests in you, your value in her eyes grows quickly. As a result, you’ll even need to know how to tell if a girl is interested in you because she wouldn’t want to break up with you anyway.

Show that you are evaluating her

It’s another element that will help you keep your Russian girlfriend interested in you. Start asking assessing questions, gradually leading her to the feeling that you are the one who chooses a partner, not her.

Or you can show that your mood gets spoiled after some of her words or actions. It doesn’t even matter whether these actions were directed towards you or not. And when she sees that you are not in the mood and asks what happened, you can explain that you didn’t expect such behavior from her.

Go “cold” on the girl

Why girls lose interest in guys? Because they care about them too much. No matter how great your relationships are now, sooner or later your good attitude will start to bore her.

It’s for this reason that many guys, who treat their girls well constantly, eventually notice the loss of interest and desire to continue the relationship.

To prevent this from happening, you need to start playing this game first. If you treated your Russian woman nice for a long time, it’s time to go a bit cold on her. Call her rarely; show that you’re not interested in keeping communication, etc. You’ll feel how far you can go not to spoil the relationship.

If she asks what happened, say that everything is fine. Such "shakes" can be useful from time to time in order to rekindle her feelings. Besides, if she is concerned about your feelings, it’s one of the signs a girl is interested in you.


As you understand, this inaccessibility must be shown by you. You shouldn’t devote all your time to her alone. The more time you give to her, the higher the risk of losing her attention.

Even if your relationships are already established, and everything is going well with her, you need to do it sometimes just to make the girl miss you.

Positive emotions

Make her surprises, arrange unusual dates and try to diversify your personal life in every possible way. If you are used to going to the cinema, start entertaining yourself differently.

1) Find a new hobby. Begin living in a new way. If you wanted to do sports for a long time, do it right now. She must see you anew.

2) Be honest with her. Tell her what you feel. Men, as a rule, are afraid to tell what’s on their mind, but there is no reason for fear. She will like that you trust her, and your relationship will move to a new level.

3) Praise her. If you think that she looks stunning in a new dress, don’t just think, but tell her about it. Not only will she love more you for it, you will also feel better because you make her happy.

4) Give her romantic gifts, and not only on Valentine's Day. Flowers and sweets may seem banal, but when you present them suddenly and not for some reason, they work great.

5) Show real interest in her. For Russian girls, dating is also a way to find a new friend. Ask her about how she spent the day, and listen. Most women like to talk; it gives them the opportunity to open. You’ll feel both closer to each other and happier.

6) Try something new together. Doing the same thing all the time is perfectly natural when all you need is to be together. But when this feeling passes, you must try new things to support the relationship. Go to a new restaurant; take her to a place where you have never been before.

Men’s qualities needed for keeping relationships with a Russian woman

For Russian women dating foreigners, it’s important to feel independence and strength of character in a man. Achieve success and realize yourself to the full as a leader and defender of your family, so she could admire you.

It also means a lot if a man can provide the family with everything necessary. Anyone, regardless of gender, wants to live a decent, comfortable life. The purpose of men is to be a leader; to lead and help people achieve success, be useful to society. In relationships with Russian girls for marriage, it means being sensitive and able to respond to their feelings, emotions. Help them to realize their desires.

Men’s task is not simple: you need to have will and independence. At the same time, a man must be able to "switch" to women’s needs in time. By doing so, you show love and respect for a beloved woman. It’s pretty important if you want to know how to get a girl interested in you.