How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on a First Date


When you met an amazing woman and asked her on a date, you automatically asked yourself the question, "How to arrange a first date with a girl and what to do?" Almost everything depends on this question. You need some great first date ideas in order to have a successful date that brings positive emotions and makes the girl dream about seeing you again in the near future. She will wait for a message or a call and agree to meet again. Otherwise, if you fail it, she will be eager to finish such an awful date as sooner as possible. If it has happened, you should not count on the further relationship. Here you will find some tips for a first date that will help you have an unusual date with a girl.

If a woman has agreed to have a date then it means that she is already interested in you. Why should she waste her time on a guy whom she does not like? She has a certain image about you in her head. Your task remains only not to spoil it. Therefore, don’t worry about your insecurities, do not think that she does not like something in you. If you remember first date tips and try to adhere to them, you will manage to surprise her, not fail a date, and the girl will not leave you in half an hour.

first date tips for men

Getting the best of a first date: 10 tips and ideas.

Examine the beauty.

You cannot even imagine how important this is. All the girls are different, and each has her own hobbies and values in life. Imagine that you start talking to her about football, but she does not appreciate it. Moreover, she does not understand anything about it and will think how to change quickly the topic of conversation. Being aware of the girl's passion, you will know what subjects you can easily discuss with her, where you can ask her on a first date and so on.

Where can you find information about her? You can try to find her profile on social media. After seeing all the photos, personal information, videos, activities that she has written in her profile, you will be able to get an idea of her interests. You don’t need too much time to carry out a little investigation, but the received information may come in handy when you will reflect on the best first date ideas.

Set the goal of your date.

This is important for you. What do you want to get from the date? Do you want to find a one-night stand? Do you want just to make a positive impression on her? Do you want to find a girlfriend for a serious relationship or maybe to find several women for a short-term relationship? This will determine your behavior on a date as well as a chosen place where you will spend time. For example, your goal is to have sex on a first date and you know that the girl doesn’t mind that. In this case, you need to choose the places where you will be able to realize your goal, or easily take her home from there. If you act blindly, it will not work. Subconsciously you know the answer and just need some first date tips for men to put your thoughts in order.

great first date ideas​Imagine the whole picture.

What does it mean? Instead of thinking about negative things like "I cannot do that," "She will not like me," imagine that you're already on a date with her. Imagine how you meet her, how you open a door in front of her and behave like a true gentleman, how she smiles, how she is excited and how cool your date is. Imagine all the best details that you can only dream about. It is best to do this when you fall asleep or get up in the morning. You do not even realize what effect this will have. The more you imagine such moments, the more you will want to go on a date, and the better you'll spend it, using some best first date ideas. This, again, is a matter of five minutes.

Make the preparation.

Think over everything to the smallest detail. Your task is to prepare an unusual date with the girl. Wise time management is the key to success. Decide in advance how long you will be in one place and how long you will be in the other one. If you don’t have your own car, you should better use a taxi. Reflect on some fun first date ideas that both of you will like this date. Use the information that you have found about the girl in her profile. Just sit down and think carefully. Your task is to prepare an interesting date that will last not more than four hours. Nonetheless, the first date should be as effective as possible. You should not ask the girl where to go for a walk, and what to do. You must have a plan. To do that, you can find tips for a first date on the Internet, they will simplify your task.

Choose your best outfit.

A well-dressed man leaves not only a good first impression but also shows elementary courtesy by doing that. This will show the lady that you have prepared and made efforts to please her. If you show up wearing untidy jeans and a regular T-shirt, this will be equivalent to the statement, "I have no plans for tonight, so I have just decided to meet with you." Even if you plan to have an ordinary date, put on something stylish. It is not necessary to wear a strict suit with a tie. Let it be jeans but with a decent shirt and velvet jacket, for example.

Tell unusual stories.

Try to talk less on ordinary topics such as work or study. Tell stories from your childhood that would be ridiculous and interesting at the same time. Ask the girl to share her story. Such topics bring together and allow to take the edge off. You can surprise the beauty by the stories. Don’t forget that girls like to listen to emotional and vivid stories most of all. Learn to speak just like that.

Be able to tell about yourself.

No one knows you better than yourself. Be able to tell about yourself correctly. It is very important. Well, for example, you go to the gym and want to tell a girl about that. If you say, "You know, I go to the gym four times a week" then it will clearly look like you are boasting. How can you say that in a different way? Here, for example, "You see these guys, they look very familiar to me, but I cannot remember where I saw them." After a while, "Oh, I remember, I saw them on Thursday, when I went to the gym." You should remember the principles of how to talk about yourself correctly.

Finish the date unexpectedly.

As soon as you see that the girl is a bit tired, do not delay. Don’t leave her just in a cafe but go out into the street, kiss her goodbye, and then leave. Do not see her home. Always try to finish the date at the peak of emotions. You know that TV series always end at the most interesting moment to make people want to watch further. So, you need to end the date unexpectedly at the very pleasant moment.

how to get a girl in the mood to kissMake the girl think of you.

Never ask her on a second date at the end of the first one. Do it so that she doubts whether it will ever happen. You can use, for example, the magic phrase, "Maybe we'll meet again someday!" If the girl is interested in you, this phrase will drive her mad. She will think whether you like her or not. Whether you want to meet again or forget her at once. Don’t call her next day, wait at least 1 day, leave her alone with thoughts about you.


If this is your first date then there may be some mistakes. Nothing can be done perfectly on the first try. Sometimes it will be difficult, remember that and accept as it is. Do not be afraid to do experiments and mistakes. Use the tips in practice and you will succeed.

How to get a girl to kiss you?

There are no strict rules on how to get a girl to kiss you as well as on whether to kiss her on the first date or not. Just remember that women attach great importance to the kiss, so do not do that if you do not plan to continue the relationship. Is it worth getting a girl to kiss you on a first date or is it better to wait until the second? There is no universal answer to that question. You can kiss a woman on the first date, and on the second, and on the fifth. It depends on the particular young lady, her beliefs, and feelings for you.

If the girl likes the man, then it is unlikely she will object to kiss at the end of the first date. If you don’t kiss her, but she agrees to a second date then she definitely likes you. It means that it’s high time to look for the answer on how to get a girl to want to kiss you. Just type into the search bar “best way to get a girl to kiss you” and choose several suitable ways personally for you. If you don’t even try to kiss a girl, she may think that you don’t like her. She can turn her cheek, but that's okay. Just be content with that, it will happen next time or in a while.

How to get a girl in the mood to kiss? If you want to succeed in kissing the girl on the first date, you need to make it so that she wants to kiss you back. Will you ask how to do that? Very simple! Start touching her accidentally from the first seconds of your date, so that she gets used to it. Start with the lightest and inconspicuous touches, and end with more direct.

Before kissing a girl for the first time, try first to tilt your head to her face, only gradually. At this time, you should hug her. After that, follow her reaction. If you see that she does not get some space, you can gradually begin to kiss her neck, ears, hair. Next, you need to get closer to her face and exhale into her ear. The woman can be strongly excited because ears and a neck are her erogenous zones.

How to get a girl to want to kiss you? Anyway, firstly, she should be ready for this kiss. You should create an appropriate atmosphere and choose a right place, it can be a park, an embankment or the porch of the restaurant before saying goodbye. Any option might be suitable because it is tacitly considered that a man kisses his lady at the end of the date.

Secondly, avoid a large crowd of people, especially if among them there is a risk of meeting her acquaintances. This atmosphere strongly influences the girl because she may feel uncomfortable.

tips for a first dateThirdly, do not say anything stupid right after the kiss. An unsuccessful phrase can spoil all romance of the moment, so after a kiss, it will be enough just to smile gently. If she likes you and there is a spark of passion between you, you will not need to look for the answer on how to get a girl to kiss you because she will kiss you herself or will kiss you back. Don’t make the common mistakes.

  • Do not ask the girl whether you may kiss her or not. You will lose the image of a confident man and spoil such a wonderful moment.
  • If you feel mutual sympathy, but the girl doesn’t want to kiss you, do not call a woman frigid. Tactically say, "Okay, let's not hurry up" and continue the date without going back to this incident.
  • Don’t start with a French kiss as well as touching all her body and hugging too strong. Most likely, she will simply run away or will not agree to have another date with you.
  • If you feel the taste of an ate Caesar salad or a strawberry cake during a kiss, do not tell her that.
  • The kiss on the first date will not surprise anyone, but there are girls who don’t like this idea. If you want to kiss the girl on the first date, you have to choose the right place, take into account common mistakes, and also closely monitor her behavior. You will have all the chances to get a cherished kiss and a good start of your relationship.