How to Flirt with a Russian girl: Tips and Advice


No love game runs without flirting. Why is it so important? Flirt is what helps you drop hints of affection at the earliest stages of communication with your love interest. This is how someone can signal about his/her readiness to build a relationship.

So you’ve finally made up your mind to dating a Russian girl. Let’s assume you managed to find the right online dating resource and met a good candidate there. Whether you chat online or live, the knowledge of how to flirt with girls is vital for warming your match’s heart.


What is the art of flirting about?

The ability to flirt is actually encoded in our biology. Primarily, this is how we can check if a person by our side is ready for relationships. Hence, this activity is vital for turning your regular acquaintance into a romantic connection.

Successful flirting with girls can boost your self-esteem. Even if you aren’t that skilled at it as a new participant of the dating scene, little victories will strengthen your confidence and inner harmony.

Romantic curiosity towards someone is indeed a good reason to advance your communication powers. They can work for you not only in dating but in any sphere of life. It’s natural for people to compete; you have an opportunity to make your dreams come true if you know how to subtly flirt with a girl.

Likewise, this increases your chances of having better sex (since your partner will be warmed up with your great treatment) and getting to know somebody sooner. The more information you collect, the more probably you will make this woman fall in love with you.

These were the pluses of flirting. Here are some general recommendations as well:

  • Do it organically. Your flirting mustn’t be too obvious – let it be an unnoticeable component of your routine interaction.
  • Avoid becoming too assertive. If you pursue a girl with your compliments, jokes, gifts – whatever – it may scare her away.
  • Target your efforts at one woman. Concentrate on someone who really makes you lose your mind.
  • Diversify the process. Don’t use the same tricks over and over again or this will get boring.
  • Note how she reacts to you. Flirting includes two people so you should be able to define whether she likes you.

Isn’t it a time for practicing? I suggest you now a look have at the tips below to enlarge your knowledge about Russian women dating.

20 tips for successful flirting with a Russian girl

1. Take the first step first. If there is a universal key to how to flirt with a girl from Russia, you’ve got it. In fact, a woman chooses her man and sends him special signals. Your job is to receive those and start moving towards her.

2. Say her name. People who don’t like their own names do exist. But I want you to know that if someone loathes his/her name, he/she simply changes it. Feel free to call your Russian friend by name and see how the connection between the two of you strengthens. 

3. Don’t skimp on compliments. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be too many of them because it looks unnaturally. Let your phrases come from your heart – avoid using hackneyed pickup lines. Find what really amazes you in a girl and say it!

4. Behave as if you were her chevalier. If you think about dating a Russian woman, keep in mind these ladies want men to worship them. Don’t worry as they are ready to give it all back to you! Open doors, pull out chairs, help her with her coat – show that you do care.

5. Tell jokes. They function as icebreakers and help you get rid of all the tension. Flirting with somebody you really like might be difficult because you struggle to make a perfect impression. The less nervous each of you will be, the more smoothly it all will run.

6. Offer your help when she needs it. This is another chivalrous feature to demonstrate to your Russian girlfriend. Modern women in her country are already quite independent but they still want to get men’s protection and backing.

7. Take an interest in Russian culture. International dating requires love seekers to be tolerant and open-minded to each other’s background. Sincere interest in some native stuff like language, cuisine, traditions etc. will definitely assist you in Russian girls dating.

8. Maintain the eye contact. Russians believe that by looking into somebody’s eyes, you can read this person’s soul. Although it might be difficult in the beginning, you should overcome your fear of rejection and lock your eyes with hers from time to time.

9. Be mindful to her. Can it be a secret of how to flirt with a Russian woman? If your goal is to build a serious relationship with her, yes. A typical lady who grew in Russia wants to feel safe by her man’s side.


10. Treat her with gifts. It mustn’t be something big and expensive (a Russian girl might even feel uncomfortable if you give such presents to her). In most cases, a simple bunch of flowers is more than enough to make your prospective girlfriend smile.

11. Lower your voice. The tone of your voice may be vital for efficient flirting with a girl. You see, a human ear likes low frequencies more than high ones. Therefore, your speech will be more persuasive and you will make a Russian lady fall for you.

12. Dress to impress. Yeah, your exterior matters to a Russian girl. If you fail to attract her visually, the closer acquaintance mightn’t happen at all. In Russia, they meet by clothes and see off by mind. So work on your style, haircut, grooming etc.

13. Mirror her body movements. This popular technique enables you to instantly get closer to your match – in a mental sense. Watch out how she is breathing and speaking, what poses she is taking and what gestures she is doing.

14. Touch her. Find an excuse to caress her palm/shoulder “by accidence” to evoke her emotions. Likewise, try to step closer to her if possible (in public transport, for example). Do not intrude in her comfort zone but make the physical distance between you shorter.

15. Make surprises. Another essential tip to give about how to flirt with a Russian girl is to amuse her. Do you know anything she would eager to get or any place she would be happy to visit? If you can give it to her, do it!

16. Take the lead. Remember what I told you about Russian women’s approach to independence? Considering how versatile it is, you probably understand that you need to take the initiative. Simultaneously, your prospective girlfriend will encourage you to act.

17. Work on your body language. This is another important factor to take into an account. Sit and stay in an open position around her, smile, stare directly at her face – let her feel you are interested in what’s going on here.

18. Speak up. Talking is one of the most solid ways to trigger a Russian girl’s curiosity. People in her country enjoy personal communication. Involve her in group conversations and subtly establish the dialogue.

19. Ask questions about her. You shouldn’t ask them every few minutes yet don’t forget that up to 70% your conversation must be about her. Note that asking follow-up questions is the best way to flirt with a girl: she won’t remain indifferent to such attention.

20. Let her know more about you. Russians are keen on strangers from abroad. As a foreigner, you have some benefits: your accent is seductive, you have a vast travel experience, or you can tell your woman about other cultures. Find what makes you unique and gain from it!