First sex etiquette with a new girl


Saying that only dating and marriage lead to sex is not completely right. Well, it would have been right for previous centuries. The sexual revolution of the 1950s made it possible to have premarital sex without experiencing a tremendous social disapproval. It is now normal for a girl to enter a family life without her virginity. In fact, some men might even be afraid to marry a virgin girl due to her greenness. Yet, we are to talk about first sex etiquette with a new woman. There are two basic aspects of this problem: the perfect time for the first sex and behavioral patterns for your sexual intercourse.

We asked our editors for several suggestions about the ideal stage of dating for the first sex. They offered five practically different options:

  • Your first date. If you are going to have sex on the first date – be ready for this date to be the last. We are not going to judge girls that offer sex when you meet for the first time. Frankly speaking, men usually seek for a girl that readily gives in during your first evening together. However, a man would rarely choose such girl for further relationships. Would you? It is more of a promiscuity than a normal dating procedure.

  • The second to the fifth date. It works much better, especially after the fifth meeting. You know each other closer, though it is too early to talk about a mental intimacy. At this period, sex might become a great impulse for the subsequent development of you relationships; likewise, it can become a finish point if turns out to be a disaster.

  • At the end of the first month of dating. We consider this phase a perfect for the first sex. You start feeling something for your girl while she feels loved and confident in your arms. Bad sex will not ruin your delicate partnership but will help understand what is wrong and what should be altered.

  • In half a year. Are you asexual? Are you able to spend six months with an attractive girl without touching her? You can celebrate your persistence. Waiting for so long is normal if it is what she wants. Nevertheless, if such situation is justified by the absence of a proper moment for sex then something is wrong with your relationships.
  • After marriage. A classy option that comes from our noble ancestors. If it happens so – we are happy for your prudent family. The trouble is that you are buying a pig in a poke. You cannot divorce aftter the wedding night just because she is totally useless in bed (nor can she). Still, we hope it does not happen to you.

We also have a list of useful tips for improving your first sex:

  • Do not be hard on alcohol. If you know you are going to spend this night together, hold back alcohol. A glass of white wine would refresh the atmosphere, but a bottle of tequila is quite a bad idea. Imagine how disappointed she would be if you fell asleep.

  • Do some basic preparations. First sex creates a strong impression, which is why you should try hard perfecting it. Clean sheets, candles, romantic music, and perfume – everything works. Have the condoms ready, too – you do not want to ruin everything by having to stop in the middle of the process. Never forget about protection!

  • Start with something tender and sensual. A massage is a good appetizer, and gives you both some time to be naked together without committing to sex; if you change your minds it’s possible to end it there without embarrassment. Massage also means you can slather on the oil – her vagina, in particular, might be dry because of nerves and the extra lubrication can really help. Long kissing is also a good idea. It may later appear that both of you are into hardcore sex, but now you are starting ti be intimate, so remain calm.

  • Talk to her. On one hand, men are often afraid to talk while having sex. On the other hand, they think there is no need in talks and it can ruin the moment. They are wrong! If you see that something is wrong and cannot figure out what exactly bothers your girl – ask her! She will be truly thankful for an attempt to achieve a better understanding of her body.

  • Do not limit yourself with penetration. We understand that it is too soon for prolonged foreplay and roleplaying. Yet, you can try something aside from penetration. Kissing her body, changing two to four positions and adjusting emotional contact may work properly for your first time.