Dating Tips for Single Fathers


It sometimes happens that people have to raise children by themselves – both men and women. Even though kids and work consume a lot of time, you still deserve to date. Nobody wants to be lonely anyway. If you don’t know how to begin dating again and keep your kid’s interest at heart simultaneously – here are seven tips for you. Use them separately or as a complex guide – and your love life will flourish again.


1. Take it easy. If you are newly divorced (or have just become a widower), you need some time to rehabilitate your mind and overall emotional state. You see, dating is crucially dependent on how you feel about it. Sometimes men just don’t understand their own needs and, as a result, dive into a relationship they are not nearly ready for. If you don’t feel like dating, you should better omit serious commitments. In the end, you will hurt your girlfriend and waste a lot of time trying to build something you do not have necessity for.

2. Discuss it with your children. Parents often underestimate the intelligence of their kids. Well, it’s not about the smartness – it’s about how they intuitively apprehend the world. Therefore, if you want to date someone new and bring her home/familiarize her with your children – you should talk about it with them in advance. Your children will likely understand you and let you become happy again. The main point is to never hide your relationship with women. It will eventually ruin the trust and, without doubts, worsen the father-child communication.

3. Find the right woman. If you are a single father, you should also think of a perfect woman for this situation. Some young women (in fact, the vast majority of them) will be revolted by the fact that you already have children. On the contrary, some women would love this fact. Likewise, you should not fall for party girls and students – you won’t be able to fit in their crazy life.

4. Control the time. Getting back to dating after the divorce is a complicated assignment. One of the problems you will bump into is time management. You will have to combine both relationship with a new girl and standard family choirs. At the very beginning, it will feel like hell. Later on, you will discover the ways to marry your developing relationships with raising children. But there’s a catch – you should always remain on one page with your children and, if needed, prefer spending time with them to going out with your girlfriend.

5. Make introductions watchfully. Eventually, your girlfriend will meet your children. You aim is to choose the least intimidating location and atmosphere and don’t force your kids to get acquainted with her – it should happen naturally. You should also have zero expectations because there are no guarantees that they will like each other at first sight.

6. Make up activities for the entire team. The best way to familiarize your children with your girlfriend (and vice versa) is to get them involved in amusing activities. Try something simple like shopping or a picnic. If everything goes smoothly, you can go for something bigger like spending a weekend together. You may also ask her to look after your kids – several hours or less.

7. Be ready for disappointments. We have already mentioned that looking forward to something bigger is not always possible if you are a single father. You should know that your kids might reject your prospective girlfriend. Moreover, women are not always into sharing men with children. You will have to deal with several painful disappointments before you find the one that matches you ideally. Seek and you shall find!