Dating Advice for Single Mothers


Being a single mom is never easy. You need to be everything at the same time – a parent, a provider, a driver, a teacher, a cleaner, a cooker, and a freaking magician to make all this work properly. Some women devote their life to children and totally forget that they have other needs. For instance, every woman (no matter if she has children or not) wants to be loved. Girls need care and attention much more than they assume. And let’s not forget about basic physical needs.

So why would you cut yourself off from social interactions to become a “perfect” mother? We know that motherhood sometimes feels like a horrific burden and you just want to sit down and yell something like WHY ME? Nonetheless, you will eventually have to deal with this and once again become a part of society – otherwise, you risk making yourself relentlessly depressed and angry. Without doubts, dating is a significant like of human life. Today we will help you get back to meeting people as a single mother. Implementing these recommendations does not guarantee your next relationship will be 100% successful. But we hope they will prepare you for upcoming obstacles and milestones!


1. Find harmony in yourself. If you are single now (for any reason, by far), it means something went wrong with your previous relationships. Even if you are in good relationship with your ex, you still have to deal with raising children by yourself, which is never stress-free. Being a balanced, self-sufficient, and contended person is overly important in the modern world. But there’s a catch: after breakups, people often tend to fall for the same type of persons. Your main aim is to get rid of old patterns.

2. Understand your needs. Sorry for the generalizations in the first part of this article – it’s quite hard to create an introduction without this device. Every woman has her own needs and ideas of perfect life. Likewise, our needs may vary in different stages of our life. You should never mindlessly dive into relationships just because some article on the Internet inclined you to. Understand yourself! You may be not ready yet for something serious (which does not mean you should decline every single invitation to go out).

3. Try something new. Aside from dating a new type of guys (we will discuss it later), you need to think of bringing something new and fresh to your life to enliven it. Before dating someone, why don’t you try the activities you never participated before? What about dancing classes? Why don’t you learn the Italian language? It sounds flawless! New activities will help you meet new people. As well, you will socialize again.

4. Discuss it with your children. As a devoted and caring mother, you have already thought about this. Your children make your life different. Old dating concepts and activities may not be available now. And, as well, you need to make sure that your kids are aware that their mother is dating someone. You should be as cautious as possible as their reactions are not always determined by plain logic (frankly speaking, they almost never are). Try to explain the situation as simple yet emotional as possible so that your new relationship won’t become a shock for your children.

5. Give yourself a makeover. Don’t get it wrong – you look splendid, you are scorching hot, your eyes are sparkling! A makeover is something that will help you find your self-confidence. A new haircut, several new dresses (buy something you never thought you would!), a bright red lipstick – your self-esteem will double immediately. You are not changing yourself to become attractive again. It’s just a beautiful act of self-respect, which every mother deserves to have.