Check Out These Examples of Relationship Goals


Relationship Goals and How They Can Make Things Work

The hashtag #relationshipgoals is quite popular, but what does it mean? Goals can be both conscious or unconscious, but they are always there. They become conscious when we ask ourselves the question, “What do I want from this relationship?”

In any case, it is our internal goals that control the “course of events,” that is, how our relationships develop and where they will lead us. The result depends largely on these exact goals.

future relationship goals

If your goals are unconscious (you don’t ask yourself questions, “How important is this relationship to me? What do I want from it?” etc.), then it’s very likely that the result you get will surprise you. Both in good and in bad senses. In any case, with unconscious goals, you do not have confidence that it is you who controls your life. You have a feeling of chaos and confusion, “What to do, where to go next?”

Even with a good outcome, when an unexpected result pleases you, you do not understand what exactly led you to such an achievement. So, you will not be able to use this ability to reach it again in the future. Something worked out, but it is unclear exactly what and how once it happened.

Awareness appears when we take a pause, we single out something important to us and ask ourselves questions that clarify the situation and our attitude towards it. The opportunity to look at the situation from the outside is an opportunity to see it more objectively and realistically. Since initially, we invest a lot of subjectivity in a situation: our old experience, assumptions, expectations, fears, etc., it is hard to rationally evaluate most of the situations that we face.

Do You Have a Purpose in Your Relationship?

How aware are you of it? Is it conscious? Do you know your partner's goal? Is your goal the same as your partner's? If you do not know this, do it right now - talk with your partner, share what is important to you. Look at your joint path to the future.

Such a conversation should begin by setting common goals because it is through goals that you can understand in which direction you will move. It is important to have common goals in life with your partner, it will determine your level of compatibility for the future. But it is relatively easy to do in comparison to recognizing your own goals in a relationship.

Perhaps you declared to your partner that it is important for you to improve your relationship, preserve love and respect, but in reality, you are often annoyed by your partner. You don’t want this relationship to go on. Ask your partner the following, “Do you feel support, respect, and love from me? Or do you feel something else, like fear, discomfort, lack of love, etc.?”

An ability to perceive and identify your own personal goals is very important to all of us because it isn’t that easy to really know what we want from life. It is all very vague, it is all very random, and we often need someone else to identify these goals. In fact, such a process of inner self-discovery is a very deep personal work, and you should contact a professional to help you not only deal with your unconscious goals but also help you correctly formulate them.

long term relationship goalsAs soon as you set yourself a goal, your movement towards it will begin immediately. Goals that have been set correctly will allow us not to postpone our happiness for the last days of life, but to move towards ensuring that we are happy today. And very often correctly set goals give instant results.

Can you imagine what you will be doing with your partner in 10 years? In 20 years? What do you think of such a feature? Is it that realistic? Would you enjoy living in such a feature? The more concrete your expectations of this feature are (details, smells, sounds, surroundings, feelings), the easier it is to manifest a concrete goal in your mind and the easier it will be for you to reach that goal.

Real Relationship Goals

We’ve discussed the concept of setting goals and how productive can it be, but what are some relationship goals examples that a couple may have in a relationship?

1. To learn how to do separate things while being in the same room

We will start our list of relationship goals with something that may sound very basic, but it extremely important to any relationship. It signifies a point of the relationship in which both partners have realized each other’s interests and are tolerant towards their fulfillment. Mutual attention is great, but it should not be a forced fake.

2. To not feel guilty about the unwillingness to have sex at night

You should remember that you are both human beings, and you can get tired just as much as your partner throughout the day. There can be other reasons for the lack of sex in a relationship, but if they are absent – don’t force yourself upon a tired partner.

3. To be able to talk about your ex-partners

You should not blame anyone, you should not throw a tantrum, but simply and calmly discuss your ex-partners. To have common future relationship goals you have to know each other’s past. After all, is there anything inherently wrong about having previous partners? No, it isn’t. However, it is quite important for you to tell your partner about your ex and the reasons for breaking up with them. Your ability to listen to their story about previous relationships without scandal testifies to the victory of common sense over emotions. Of course, it’s not worth spending too much time talking about your ex because you should not plant seeds of doubt into your partner’s mind of that you are still thinking about that person.

4. To enjoy each other's company

This is the most obvious one, partners should seek this more than anything else in their relationships. To have mutual fun at no one’s expense is quite literally the ultimate goal of any relationship.

5. To sleep in the same bed

It is one of the most common boyfriend and girlfriend goals out there. Some experience lots of discomfort at this.

6. To rejoice that you now have mutual friends

More precisely, the fact that their friends have become your friends (and vice versa). It is very nice when people whom you know from school accept your beloved partner as their own friend.

7. To get to know each other as best you can

This is one of the long-term relationship goals that will only enhance your relationship, the more you know about each other – the less negative surprises will you face in the future.

8. To be proud of each other

And do it without a shadow of envy. You can sincerely tell your friends how incredible your partner is, and moreover, you do it not only a week after the first date but after 5 years of marriage.

9. To learn how to handle money

It is important to find the right family budget that will fit both of you. You have to find a balance, stop arguing for financial reasons and stop hiding your finances from each other.

10. To learn how to calmly argue with each other

How to make a relationship stronger? Learn to have rational discussions. Problems can be solved without scandals that make your neighbors want to call the police. You should argue strictly on a topic, avoiding mutual insults. If something does not suit you, it is better to discuss it so that it won’t cause troubles down the line.

11. To do something you have never done before

One of the most important couple's goals is to try something new together even if it’s just a trip to a Chinese restaurant where you have never been before.

12. To not get tired of surprising each other

To summarize hundreds of cute couple relationship goals we will say that everyone loves surprises. Make each other happy at all costs.

Relationship Sex Goals

Just as with the goals mentioned above, sexual goals in a relationship also require a lot of effort, time and desire. As you know, sex is a very important part of any relationship, it is the physical manifestation of love, attachment, care and attention of two people towards each other. The state of the sexual relationship between two partners can tell us a lot about the state of their relationship.

relationship sex goalsA healthy relationship is the one in which both partners are satisfied with the state of their mutual sex life. Healthy sex life makes people happier, it makes them satisfied, thus, there is no need to look for alternatives, no need to experience any doubt in whether one has chosen the right person for themselves or not. If the sexual side of a relationship is lacking – it will not cause it anything good, nothing positive will come out of it.

Thus, even if your sexual relationships are just fine – it is still worth aiming higher to improve them. And it is especially important to do something if they are not fine. Here are some examples of relationship goals that a couple may have when it comes to sex.

1. Do more of it

As we’ve said, sex is the purest expression of love. Naysayers may tell you that it’s just lust, it’s a sin and it’s all sorts of wrong and so on. Ignore them, these lunatics aren’t worth your time, sex is a thing that can express all of the emotions and desires that partners may have in a relationship. The more passionate sex is – the stronger a relationship will be. If partners are struggling to keep up with each other – it will affect their sexual life.

2. Start talking about it

It may seem idiotic, but many couples are afraid of having dirty talks and open dialogues about sex. It seems to them that it’s too perverted, too weird. It’s like dissecting a frog, you find out more about how it works, but it dies in the process. But talking about sex is very important, it allows you to express your deepest fantasies and not be afraid of experimenting with things.

3. Try out new things

One of the relationship sex goals is to experiment. Every relationship gets stale after a while. Partners get tired of each other, and they either find ways to spark their relationship anew or break up. The same goes for sex, it will get stale, there is no question about it, so you have to experiment and find each other’s limits, preferences and things that you like and dislike. By finding out these things, you will be able to make your sexual experiences a lot better and more diverse.

4. Try to top each other

This is the most important motivational aspect of experimenting and trying out new things in bed. It is important to do so, but in order to get pleasure from your partner – you have to give it yourself first. This form of mutual cooperation is what drives a couple’s mutual desire to bring satisfaction to each other. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There is even more to it, you not only get lots of satisfaction in the process of chasing each other and trying to top what your partner has done, but you make your relationship a lot stronger in the process. The desire to satisfy each other turns into a desire to show love in all the other aspects of mutual life.