Best Relationship Movies 2018


A movie about love is not necessarily a heart-rending story of a young couple overcoming all obstacles and finally merging in ecstasy. Recently, the best relationship movies are more and more about life. They can be about young parents, maximalists, and tired mothers of many children, and even ... grandmothers, who do not sleep because they are quietly reading "Fifty Shades of Grey." What are the best movies about relationships worth watching at the cinemas to bring a bit of spring enthusiasm into your life?

Before we go any further, for the sake of simplicity and your comfort, every film will represent some certain aspect of relationships, so that you can pick something that truly strikes the chord with you at this moment.

best movies about relationships

Our pick among movies about long distance relationships:


Visiting the picturesque island of Tahiti, Tami experienced a lot of emotions and got vivid impressions. Her pale skin, under the rays of the blinding sun, acquired a bronze shade. The girl was especially attracted by the stunning sea waves, which she had to surf. One day, Tami met a nice guy named Richard, who was an amateur yachter. He shines with confidence and reliability, a strong stoic man, because of it, Richard could overcome any obstacle in the water. Initially, they just met at a meeting, but soon their relationships became more direct, which allowed young people to step forward to start dating. Between Richard and his new acquaintance, flames of passion flared up. Their date served as the occasion for the beginning of great love. Heroes go on a luxury yacht in a joint trip across the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Their vessel must travel a long way from the island of Tahiti to the California coast. The trip was interesting and fascinating. Tami was amazed at everything that Richard had made her seen, he was impressed as well, because he had not experienced so many strong feelings thus far. Unexpectedly, all the plans of the lovers were destroyed by the forces of the natural elements. The hero's yacht was gripped by an awful hurricane that could take their lives.

Our pick among movies about cheating in relationships:


Endlessly, day after day, without days off ... They always yell, they want to eat, drink, go to the toilet and unconsciously keep the house in a state of constant chaos. Children are wonderful, until you have too many of them. She once thought she loved children ... Oscar winner Charlize Theron brings us to laughter and pain of the familiar image of a mother with many children who, after dedicating herself to caring for her family, completely lost herself.

But one day, in her life, appears long-legged Tully, who seems to be a simple nanny, allegedly hired by her brother. Sleep, peace, order - it would seem that life is getting better, but what else will this strange energetic girl bring to the fragile world of a mad family with many children?

Our pick among movies about abusive relationships:


As a college student in Pittsburgh, Melinda met Robert, a charming undergraduate who immediately aroused romantic feelings in the heroine. Despite the protests of two sisters, the girl started a romantic affair with a young man, which soon turned into something more and ended up with a wedding. At the same time, she is fond of Robert's project - the creation of a self-loading battery. To continue developing the battery, Melinda uses the money of her mother. Further events of the film unfold a few years later. Heroes are still married, but now their relationship has reached a dead end. The situation gets complicated when Melinda finds out that Robert throughout the whole family life regularly cheated on her.

movies about long distance relationshipsAs a result, it comes to a divorce. The man goes to his previous passion Diana, feelings for whom still live in his heart. The divorce ends with the fact that Robert pays the former wife a fairly large sum of "compensation". But the money is the least that worries Melinda. She believes that Diana stole her life, so she decides to take revenge on her ex’s mistress. The heroine does not intend to stop at anything until she reaches her goal.

Our pick among movies about complicated relationships:

“Hungry hearts”

This Italian film won four awards at the Cannes Film Festival, recognition of film critics and viewers around the world. Incredibly emotionally intense movie about where the overwhelming parental love leads to. A happy couple in love dissolves in the joys of relationships, but with the birth of the desired child, the situation in the family begins to get unpredictably heated. A young mother is not able to dose her love and desire to protect the baby from the outside world. But a loving husband does everything to correct a rapidly deteriorating relationship in the family. It is one of the best movies about family relationships of the last few years, be sure to check it out.

Our pick among movies about dating and relationships:

“Why Him?”

Ned Fleming and his wife Barb brought up their children in constant order, not letting them know what they were not supposed to by age. Now the heroes of the comedy "Why Him?" are going to see how this upbringing affected the life of the eldest daughter Stephanie, who moved out and lives without their support with the beloved Laird Mayhew - a rich and famous guy who is famous for his penchant for extravagance. On a visit, the couple come along with their youngest son Scott. The 15-year-old boy immediately approves of his sister's choice and finds common things with Laird. And Ned begins to despise the potential son-in law from the first meeting, when he talks too frankly about Scott and Barb. Realizing this, Stephanie begins to convince her father that she is quite happy, and Laird is a good guy, whom she loves very much. Further events become a shock for Ned. It turns out that Laird is going to ask him for Stephanie's hand. This frightens the man so much that he decides to start a confrontation with his daughter's boyfriend. How will this conflict end?

Our pick among interracial relationship movies:


The life story of Raphael Padilla, also known as Chocolat. A former slave from Cuba suddenly became a world-famous clown based in Paris. Chocolat was discovered by a British clown and acrobat, and for two decades they performed in a duet for the fun of the audience, despite the quarrels and conflicts taking place between them. But conflicts occur on the stage, because their number is a duet of an authoritarian and cruel white clown who constantly mocks an innocent black clown.

Our pick among older man younger woman relationship movies:

“On Body and Soul”

The main character of the film Mary always eschewed big groups of people and appreciated her personal space. She works for a large organization and has a good position. One day, Mary decided to get to know her colleague Andrew, who, despite his post as CFO, also has a melancholy and withdrawn attitude. Soon the characters of the film learn that they have a lot in common. And Andrew and Mary see the same dreams every night. They try to explain these dreams, and soon become even closer to each other. Will two single people be able to build a romantic relationship, despite the fact that they have long been accustomed to living apart?

Our pick among relationship movies on Netflix:

“Sandy Wexler”

best relationship moviesSandy Wexler is a man with a difficult life. He was often bullied and teased. He got used to such an image. As a child, many children mocked him, because he behaved strangely and was entertained by the fact that he was funny and stupid. Everyone is sure that he is an ordinary man, not different from the likes. But deep down, it turns out that he is very wounded. Nit-picking attitude and stupid jokes over fate made him paranoid. He closed himself and is not going to disclose the soul to strangers. He cares about his own work. He is a professional and constantly proves that he will be able to achieve great heights in the future. His job is that he is a talent manager. Getting into business is very difficult, and he helps them to get on the right track. His pleasant qualities help most beginners to find courage.

He communicates with the guys, likes they are his family. This is an important quality in the main character of the film. He wants to show that he was treated wrongly, and to demonstrate how to behave with insecure and withdrawn people. They become his true companions, and they are ready to overcome any obstacles in order to achieve a positive result. Will he manage to fulfill his dream and help people who need support?

Our pick among movies about open relationship:


Gaby and Martin met through a special dating application. Each of them wanted to find a partner for regular meetings without obligations, but the first joint evening was the beginning of something more. The next days the heroes of the film "Newness" met to enjoy each other. Two weeks of such visits were enough for the couple to make a responsible decision - not to get acquainted through the application with other people. Staying in euphoria and giving in to crazy passion, they were absolutely happy. But everyone knows that nothing can be eternal. Lovers had a conversation, during which it became clear that sometimes they are interested in other people. Gaby first allowed to have connections on the side, Martin agreed to an open relationship. In one moment, life changed. Previously, they sought to spend time together, and now give themselves to other pleasures. Comfort disappeared, and painful jealousy took place in the relations of the main protagonists. Random communications ceased to be a minor entertainment, contributing to the strengthening of their love, and turned into a necessity. What will the situation lead to?