10 Signs of a Non-Committal Woman


Each woman has her own psychology, her own rules of the game as well as her view of the relationship with a man. Someone chooses a family at nineteen, someone builds a career up to thirty, and someone just enjoys the freedom and isn’t in a hurry to start a committed relationship. Replying to the question, “What is non-committal?” it is possible to say that a non-committal person is someone who tries to avoid any obligations and serious relationships in any possible way.

In this case, it’s quite difficult to talk about morality and norms, and to look for reasons why women choose non-committal relationships, why they need them and so on. There are so many reasons for that, including the disappointment of past relationships, the unsuccessful first marriage, the psychological attitudes, and the intimate side of the question. However, women after sex have an increased level of oxytocin, a hormone of attachment, which means that a non-committal relationship can play a cruel joke with them sooner or later.

non committal woman

Non-committal relationships: why people prefer them

Often, men are commitment-phobic, that’s why they don’t want to lose their freedom. Moreover, this freedom is necessary to them in different spheres of life, it includes both daily life and sex. Well, being in such a relationship, you can have as many partners as you want, and nobody will say anything because of the unspoken agreement. So, it’s not a problem to meet a non-committal man.

However, not only men prefer such relationships. Often, girls know exactly the duties of a guy in a relationship, forgetting about their own ones, and it's not surprising that such ladies get offers of non-committal relationship. In addition, emancipated women, who have firmly decided to make a brilliant career, sincerely believe that they do not have time to create a family. Nowadays, you can easily meet a non-committal woman who doesn’t want to get married or even just to move to the next level in the relationship.

Why do women choose this type of the relationships? There are so many reasons, meanings, benefits, and advantages of non-committal relationships, so it’s not surprising that some women prefer it.

  • Some women consider it a good way to relieve fatigue, get more impressions from life, change something and add "acuity and adrenaline" to the weekdays.
  • Someone tries to climb the career ladder with the help of intrigues and seeks to get a higher status.
  • Someone tries to raise self-esteem. For others, casual relationships are an additional motivation to keep the energy up and always look attractive. Besides, such connections help save a family if spouses don’t have sex, but their relationship is still good.
  • Sometimes, it is also a way to understand their value as a partner, a way to hone your skills in attracting and seducing.
  • Someone satisfies curiosity and gets sexual experience. They prefer loneliness and lack an opportunity or a desire to be in a permanent relationship.

A classic example of a non-committal relationship is a love triangle when a lover is just for entertainment. Frequently, divorced men and women choose this type of relationships. People are already fed up with family responsibilities, they want freedom and romance. The desire to take a break from a boring life is quite natural, but usually, such relationships do not last long. Sooner or later, the divorcees want warmth and understanding, which they cannot find in non-committal relationships. To make a long story short, people who prefer such relationships, aim at freedom. In terms of psychology, non-committal relationship hides just insecurity and unwillingness to take on responsibility.

Non-committal woman: what's she like?

how to deal with a non committal womanA non-committal girl is a representative of the caste of strong and independent women. Her image attracts, fascinates and delights. People believe that she has inner strength, power over her destiny and complete financial independence. However, who, in fact, are these women? What happens in their inner world? What are they like? Is their existence so cloudless? No woman is born with the desire to be strong and non-committal. If you consider this issue from the point of view of women's psychology, you will see that this is more a decision or a forced necessity. What does help her stand out from the crowd?

  • She has a stable work and a good income level.
  • She is able to cope with her inner feelings.
  • She moves forward despite the attendant difficulties.
  • She knows that she can cope with all problems without assistance.
  • She has a high level of stress resistance.
  • She does not allow emotions and weaknesses to get in the way.

If you turn to the psychology of the female being and the inborn need for protection, you will see that such woman, demonstrating complete independence from a man, rejects this fact and declares to the community, "I don’t need a family."

However, this position is a psychological defense in many ways. There are the main reasons that led the woman to such a logic and consolidated her status as non-committal, strong and independent:

  • She might have had a negative experience with men (cheating, communication with infantile men who were unable to give a sense of stability and security).
  • Childhood psychological trauma associated with the image of the father (fathers-dependants, fathers-alcoholics, etc.).
  • She has a fear of being offended, humiliated, abandoned, cheated, dependent on anyone. She believes that it is better to do everything herself and avoid serious relationships than to rely on someone who cannot meet her expectations. If you think about dating a non-committal woman, you should be ready that it is not the easiest task.

Signs of a non-committal woman.

You can find many different signs of this type of women, but they can vary and change, depending on a specific case. However, before you decide to look for tips on how to deal with a non-committal woman, it is necessary to learn about the key moments.

1. She isn’t jealous and doesn’t want to control you. She doesn’t want to control a partner and doesn’t ask questions, "Where have you been?", "Why didn’t you call for three days?", etc. A sense of ownership is turned off. A woman who chooses such relationships understands that the partner's personal life is open to other women, and she doesn’t mind.

2. She respects your freedom. The most important rule of non-committal relationships is freedom. She doesn’t limit her communication with other men, she can get acquainted, smile, be interested in relationships with them. She wants you to adhere to the same rule, she wants both of you to have complete freedom of action and preferences.

3. She doesn’t talk about household problems. She doesn’t ask you to help her with anything. If it is necessary, she calls a plumber. Such a woman doesn’t want to be beholden to you.

4. She doesn’t forget about condoms. Non-committal relationships should be safe, so she doesn’t forget about protection. Even if you insist on closer contact, she doesn’t want to take risks. In addition, she chooses the means of protection herself to determine the necessary level of protection and avoid an unpleasant incident.

5. She doesn’t introduce you to her friends and relatives. She believes that it’s better not to know much about your family as well as not to invite you to a family celebration or a friends’ party. The girl tries to keep a distance in any possible way.

6. She is spontaneous and unpredictable. She tries to continue the flirting stage, be different and unpredictable. However, she doesn’t seek to serve your every need on demand. If you want her to change the hair color or style of dress, she will change you rather than she will do what you want.

psychology non-committal​7. She doesn’t spend much time with you. She plans meetings with you in advance and doesn’t want to spend much time together. If you were planning to go to a concert of her favorite artist, but you changed your mind and offered to spend the evening together, she wouldn’t agree. You should know that dating a non-committal woman.

8. She doesn’t talk about money. The way you treat material values can tell a lot about your relationship. If she isn’t ready to tell you about her finances, then she still does not have enough confidence. The way you treat money and spend it reflects your values. And the partners who do not discuss it, are not ready to move to the next step of obligations.

9. She has secrets. One of the most important details in any relationships is absolute trust. If she hides something from you because of possible condemnation, she is not ready to move on. Phrases like, "I don’t want to hurt your feelings" and other excuses are a sign of emotional immaturity and not a manifestation of care. She might also consider you a light-minded guy and is already searching for tips on how to break up with a non-committal man.

10. She wants more freedom. If your relationship is like a war of independence, and she isn’t ready to lose ground, your woman is a non-committal one. To be lonely is to do what you want and whenever you want. One of the problems of such a relationship is the inability of the woman to abandon selfishness and learn to follow scenarios in which she cannot get what she wants.

How to get a non-committal woman to commit?

There are women who perceive men as a cure for loneliness. Some of them have a lot of love affairs and choose the best guys for themselves. Being in love, the guy agrees to be a reserve option and secretly hopes that one day he will become the only one for the woman. However, this happens rarely enough. The fact is that the reserve option has the image of a soft-bodied man who can be manipulated. So, what does it take for a non-committal woman to change?

  • You should clearly understand whether the girl likes you or not. In the latter case, there is only one way out. You should stop wasting your time and energy and look for another girl.
  • You cannot act in a hurry, you still cannot make her fall in love with you.
  • Make a plan of action, which will help you gradually change the situation and make her agree to try.
  • Be sure to find out the root cause of her attitude and behavior.
  • Set a goal and try to achieve it step by step.
  • Show your intentions in such a way that they become visible to others. This should be understood by her friends and colleagues at work.
  • Continue your attempts to conquer her until you succeed. She will either agree or you will hate each other.
  • The main thing in the development of the relationship is to show the girl that you keep your word, you know how to stand up for yourself and your loved one.
  • Show and prove by actions that the relationship with you will bring happiness.

Girls appreciate sincerity, so do not play with her feelings, and do not let her play with you. If it is obvious that she will never cross this invisible line, nip the relationship in the bud and move on.