Ukrainian women and main stereotypes about them


There are major cultural differences between Western and Ukrainian ladies that sometimes lead to misunderstanding between men and women. This factor often frustrates Ukrainian girls. The customs and traditions of Ukrainians and Europeans have much in common. These people share morals and life values, but their behavior, etiquette, and lifestyle are different.

At first glance, Ukrainian women may seem cold and restrained; sometimes it repels western men. Unlike the US, where people smile friendly to you, all Ukrainians give a smile only to someone they actually know. If a Ukrainian girl doesn’t smile to you, it does not mean that she is not interested in you.

Ukrainian woman is friendly, open and kind. If she invites you to her home, consider it as a sign of hospitality from her. She will cook a delicious dinner for you. There’s also a tradition to have a drink at the table; don’t think she wants to get you drunk. If you are invited to visit a home of a Ukrainian woman, be sure to bring a cake or a bottle of wine with you.

The most interesting feature of Ukrainian women’s character is their reticence, so they are pretty hard to read. Don’t bother them asking how they are doing, especially if you meet for the first time. Ukrainian women prefer an active way of life; they behave spontaneously and speak openly in contrast to Western men.

Ukrainian women and main stereotypes about them

Some stereotypes about women from Ukraine

Now let’s check out some Ukrainian girls’ stereotypes

Ukrainian ladies do their best to stay beautiful

Ukrainian women are very serious about their beauty. Of course, they were lucky to have the right genes, but they also spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. They never leave home until they bring themselves up. They learn to look after themselves since childhood, but, truly speaking, their beauty is natural. They don’t need makeup at all, but it makes them feel more confident. They take pride in their appearance.

Family plays the main role in their lives

The main fact in the list of women's stereotypes is that family’s always in the first place in every Ukrainian woman’s life. Despite the fact that women in Ukraine want to build a career, their husbands and children are still the main priority to them. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that in Ukraine patriarchal traditions are still strong.

If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a Ukrainian girl, you must love her family too: Ukrainian families are very strong and cohesive. If you manage to earn the trust of her family, you’ll become the closest relative to them. But try to deceive your girlfriend, and you're finished. Ukrainian families may be vindictive, vengeful, and dangerous.

Ukrainian girls are smart and dedicated

One of the truthful Ukrainian ladies’ stereotypes is that they are very smart. They know how to think, act and live independently. They try to get a good education, find a nice job and work hard to fully provide for themselves. They now have the same chances to get the job in IT or engineering, as men do. In fact, more and more Ukrainian girls choose Engineering and IT, but it does not mean that they became less womanly.

Ukrainian ladies are very loyal, and if they fall in love, it’s for sure. This myth is among both Ukrainian men's and women's stereotypes. Ukrainians will try to save any relationship from falling apart only to avoid divorce. But do not abuse women’s tolerance: if they decide to leave, they will not return. Some think that Ukrainian women are dependent on their men. It’s true at some point. Of course, they still appreciate when men help them to do house chores, carry heavy bags, or hold doors for them.

Some dissolving myths about Ukrainian women for dating

After the boost of online marriage agencies and the growth of cute Ukrainian girls’ popularity among foreigners, some untruthful stereotypes have sprung up. Of course, there are also real facts like these women’s beauty and attractiveness. They have a sense of style dress flashy. They are many-sided personalities, loving housewives, and nice people in general. It’s all true. But there are some other myths that are completely made up or exaggerated. Here is the list of dissolving myths about Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian women can do nothing except cooking

The fact that all Ukrainian ladies are excellent housewives and only know how to cook and clean the house is a common but untruthful stereotype. Modest Ukrainian girls will do everything to make your life happier, and keep the house cozy. But remember that they have a strong will and can stand up for themselves.

Ukrainian woman is a caring housewife who shows concern for her husband, but she also doesn’t forget about her own interests. Family comes first, then the career. Women in Ukraine want to be happy not only as homemakers but also as independent individuals.

All they want from you is money

It’s one of the most notorious myths about women from Ukraine: The only thing they care about is money. But in fact, not only Slavic women love diamonds and expensive gifts. Spanish, French and German ladies like luxury as well. Also, foreigners believe that Ukrainian girls for dating see marriage as an opportunity to stay home and spend her working husband’s money. That’s not true. It’s clearly an individual behavior and not a character or national feature. So this behavior simply can’t be a part of Ukrainian women’s national identity. Every nation has its own scammers and criminals.

But still, a lot of Ukrainian ladies dream of marrying a foreigner and moving abroad because the living conditions there are better. It’s a fact. Everyone deserves a better life. For Ukrainian woman, it’s very important to be sure that her husband can provide for the family and give her kids a chance to get a good education. It’s a matter of care.

One more dissolving stereotype is that any foreigner at a night club will surely find himself a girl, who wants to spend a night with him just because he is from other country and buys her drinks. Nope. Not anymore. This myth comes from the 90's when seeing a foreigner in Ukraine was something new, and all ladies fell in love with them, hoping that they will take them away.

All Ukrainian women are manipulators

It’s another popular myth among Ukrainian women's stereotypes. A lot of foreigners have heard stories about greedy Ukrainian girls manipulating men, taking everything they can and then leaving them for no reason. Again, such women exist in any country, so these stories are mostly made up by victims of such scheme. Stop stereotyping women and choose your companion wisely; there are many sincere women out there looking for their significant someone.