Pros and Cons of Dating Russian Women


Dating Russian women is not surprising today. Since Russia has freed itself from the iron grip of communist ideology, a tourist flow from the countries of the former Soviet Union has poured into the West. But not everyone comes just to take a look at the Statue of Liberty or visit Disneyland. Many women who faced the opportunity to enter into marriages with foreigners were ready to look for suitors among Western men. We will not talk about what attracts them so much. But what is the secret of success of Russian women among our men? What are the advantages and disadvantages of dating Russian girls? In this article, we will try to give the most detailed answers to these questions. And you can use them on your own.

A little spoiler: there are much more pluses than minuses.


Cultural Differences as the Main Advantage of Russian Women

Despite the fact that Western civilization gives a negative assessment of the regime that existed in Russia from 1917 to 1991, some values that our women lack so much are preserved in this country. Of course, we are talking about the attitude to the family. In Western countries, somewhere more, somewhere less, the institution of the family has changed beyond recognition. The very concept of home comfort, which only woman can create, gradually disappears from everyday life. Some people rejoice in such drastic changes, some do not. But the high demand for Russian girls for dating shows what men really want.

Despite the fact that communist propaganda tried to equalize men and women in any way and to make gender distinction blurred, the attitude of a woman to a man and to her family remained practically unchanged. Honestly, we can say that the institution of the family has transformed into the better. The remnants of chauvinism, which prevailed in tsarist times, disappeared but a respectful, reverent attitude to the woman as a keeper of the home and as a friend appeared. Today, Russian girls preserved in the mind the image of real family and they are ready to embody it in life with those who they consider worthy. This is the biggest reason why Russian women are so popular for dating.

Another important cultural feature that is important to know concerns communication. It is not so easy to establish contact with Russian girls as with Western girls. They still appreciate the courtesy and gentlemanly approach. You should be careful with humor while chatting with Russian girls online. What is acceptable to talk among our people, can be considered as mauvais ton in Russia. Especially, it concerns statements about the family, so you should carefully select the words. It would be good if you learn some subtleties of Russian culture before dating. Try to apply this knowledge in practice to create a relaxed environment.

Pros of Dating Russian Women

Now let's talk about a number of advantages that are also important to know. They are not as noticeable as the cultural differences described above, but they can help you decide whether to date or not. So, here is a list of the main advantages:

couple1. Simplicity in the relationship. This means that the pattern according to which the relationship develops is simple for understanding and realization. A man is always a leader. You should start chatting, invite on a date, etc. The first step is always yours. So, do not take the lack of initiative of the Russian girl you like for indifference. She just wants you to play the main role. This is a big reason to find  Russian girls for marriage.

2. A minimum of surprises. This is the next reference to your leadership. Most Russian women will never take a rash step if they do not agree with you. And this occurs less and less, doesn’t it? But the sense of control over the situation, the feeling of a «quiet harbor» is what any man needs. Russian girls cope with this task better than anyone else.

3. Family values. Family is the main thing. And these are not just beautiful words. Russian girls prove this in practice at every opportunity. If you are not an egoist and not an avid party-goer who can easily neglect a family dinner, then you will feel it very soon.

4. Neat and beautiful appearance.  The pursuit of the wallets of American, English, and other Western men created a negative image of Russian brides. Therefore, those ladies who really want to create a family are ready to fight for your attention in any way. They also spend all their energy to keep it in future. And what is the main weapon of women which they use to conquer men's hearts? You know the answer.

5. Real care. Most of the thoughts of Russian women are directed towards the welfare of their husbands. The care that these girls are capable of giving is amazing. We should learn from them how to manage a lot of everyday things and at the same time, not to let you feel lonely or bored. Find Russian women for marriage if you want to improve your personal skills in the end.

6. No competition within the family. Roles are distributed once and forever and no one will argue with your role of the leader. And today it means a lot. Aggressive economic and social environment compels us all to compete constantly, even within the family. And this causes tremendous stress that often leads to divorce. Families, where this unhealthy competition does not exist, live much happier.

Cons of Dating  Russian Women

Happiness does not come without any effort. Adult men will not argue with this statement. And this statement applies to personal relationships too. Speaking of the shortcomings of Russian brides, we usually mean small barriers. The way to overcome them is very simple: you just need enough desire on both sides. We will tell you about little cons, so you will be fully armed before the first date with a Russian girl or before starting a conversation with Russian women online:family

1, Great responsibility. Since Russian women give all their attention and care to their families, you must care about the financial side of romantic relationships. The Russian bride may wish to go to work in rare cases. So, you will have to work hard protecting your “home, sweet home” from financial troubles.

2. Language barrier. English skills of most Russian brides are not the best. However, all other Russians have the same problem. So be prepared to speak slowly and simply. Also, listen attentively to your girlfriend's speech and do not hesitate to foresee what she wants to say when appropriate.

3. The difficulty with moving to your country. We do not mean bureaucratic difficulties. Since the cultural environment of Russia is very different from the West, the moving to foreign country is seen as a very complex and stressful event. You must help overcome the fear. Honestly, it's quite simple because the desire to improve the quality of life is stronger than the fear of the unknown. So there are no problems with that if you really want to marry a Russian girl.

It is difficult to name all the above-mentioned information as problems on your way to marry a Russian woman. These are only small obstacles. As we said at the beginning of the article, the pros of dating Russian girls outnumber the cons. Your main mission is to find a Russian woman who really wants to find family happiness and not to reduce your bank account. Communicate, ask questions, be honest, and then any deception will reveal itself to you at the very beginning of relations. If your desire to meet a Russian woman and marry her is big enough, then there will be no problems with it. Use our article as a small guide and good luck in your amorous business!