Eva vs. Lilith: A New Theory about Women



What do you know about Lilith? In Jewish mythology and in Talmud, Lilith is the first woman created by God. The thing is – she was created at the same time and from the same dirt as Adam. Therefore, she was absolutely equal to Adam in terms of origins and rights. Later on, her image in mythology and confessional texts has turned into a demon and a “night creature”. Practically, a comparison of Eva (the first woman in a well-known text of the Book of Genesis) and Lilith gives us an opportunity to talk about two genetic kinds of women – The Eva-type and the Lilith-type. It does not matter if you are religious or not; we are just taking these ancient texts into consideration and highlight useful information.

Therefore, we have two polar female characters. First, you need to understand that a woman cannot hold all the features of either Eva or Lilith. In psychology, they have a similar concept with extroverts and introverts. No one can hold an entirely introversive character. Prototypes of Lilith and Eva can be prevailing in particular woman’s character. Moreover, some characters cannot be determined as any of these. Of course, this theory is not perfect – but we and our gorgeous friends from dating site are assured it will find a nice implementation in your dating practice. So, let’s get closer to individual features of both types.

The Eva-type is a mother. Her main purpose is to give birth to a healthy offspring and to be raising it up to the point when it becomes absolutely autonomous. Basing on these aims, we may say that Eva-type women are carrying, lighthearted, cheerful, devoted and so on. Eva-type women are also strongly associated with the concept of harmony (especially in the opposition “human – nature”). It means that such girls can harmonize your life, bring peace to your life and home. It is not about what she actually does; it is about her attitudes. She is calm and tries hard to avoid arguments. However, you should be very careful with Eva-type girls – they are not self-assured and need your attention and support to feel secure. These girls become great wives for men with strong characters. Consequently, these women hold all stereotypical features of a pure femininity (and it is perfectly good).

The Lilith-type is a warrior, for instance, it can be associated with Athena – the goddess of wisdom and war. It does not mean that these women are aggressive and can ignite easily. Considerably, they have stronger leadership qualities and would not let anyone lead them. Lilith-type girls can make great business partners and friends. However, if you want to make one of them your wife, you will have to be exceedingly good. These girls are quite assertive and might even appear fastidious. You need to understand that a strong character (often considered a masculine feature) has a strong demand in corresponding surroundings. So, before approaching such a women, make sure you can fit her requirements.