5 Things Russian Girls Value Most in Men


One of the trendiest girls in the world, Russians, are frequently apprehended as the most beautiful ladies in the entire world. They are also known for a wide range of features, including family-oriented approach, intelligence, heatfulness etc. Considering the fact that these girls are so popular, they could indeed become spoiled and selective. However, you should not be afraid. Nothing can worsen them because of their inner power.

You have probably understood that these girls are special – in a good way, of course. That is why they look for special men. We asked our friends from dating site to tell us about characteristics Russian women value the most in men. It without doubts will help you attract one of these precious creatures.


1. Chivalry

Hey, modern gentlemen! We have good news for you. Russian girls are 100% into men who know what the chivalric code is (well, its modern interpretation). They love you to be respectful, tolerant, courteous etc. Unlike most Western girls, ladies from Russia don’t mind you opening doors and moving chairs for them. Men in their native country do not do it much, so girls permanently experience the lack of respect. You will obviously surprise your potential girlfriend with that.

2. Self-assurance

You might admit that all women in the world like their partners to be assertive and confident. You are partially right. Nevertheless, Russian girls find it necessary for men to be truly self-assured. Moreover, this characteristic can only be seen through your deeds, not your talks. The best signal of your inner confidence is that you know what you look for and want from life. Many people can plan their life but only a few are able to fulfill a plan.

3. Intelligence

Most Slavic girls are extremely brainy. It’s about their genome and the Soviet Union’s educational heritage, which gives these girls an opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge. Of course, an intelligent girl will need an intelligent husband. Firstly – not to get bored to death living together. Secondly – to become a successful team. Your ability to keep the conversation going will be exceedingly helpful in this case.

4. Accountability

Yeah, that might sound a bit unexciting. But we never told that Russian girls are cocky. Yes, these beautiful creatures like to be aware of their tomorrows. As we have already mentioned, their personalities are strongly affected by family orientation. They do worry about their children and try their best to ensure they grow up in a cozy atmosphere. Your responsible approach towards everything will be very attractive for a Russian girl.

5. Decency

Russian girls look for real men only. Can a real man exist without decency? Can he live a beautiful life without being honest and deceitful? Russian girls know the answers. You should be an example of what a truly decent person should be, which includes respect for yourself and your thoughts alongside with respect for others. Tolerance and honor are the peculiarities that make your manliness real.