10 Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce


A relationship between partners is viewed by psychologists as a cumbersome process, requiring each of its participants to work on themselves and on the relationship as well. Such an approach seems to be full of rationalism and even cynicism, considering that almost every person's relationship is associated not only with serious commitments to each other but also with romance, passion, and love. However, each of the partners is able to destroy the relationship at a deeper level than the lack of a romantic attraction.

Sometimes, there comes a time in family life when one of the spouses immediately realizes that it shouldn’t go on like that, and asks themselves the question, "Is it worth going hand in hand further?" Any relationship requires constant work, so it is important to decide and discuss with each other, whether you can be together or not. Sometimes, women’s patience and love run out, and you can listen to the long list of complaints instead of the usual, "I love you." The reason for such mood swings is not always connected with the emergence of a lover. Various factors can drive the spouse to despair. What are the signs your marriage is headed for divorce?


1. She tries to get at you

When a woman reflects on a breakup, she realizes that a difficult conversation is ahead of her. Of course, she wants just to get up and leave without memories, the division of property, tears, and torments. She can be afraid of the very fact that it is necessary to discuss this issue with the spouse.

Against this background, consciously or unconsciously, many women start provoking quarrels. After all, if a man loses control and slaps her during one of their conflicts, it will be much easier to pack a suitcase and file for divorce without any other explanations. This is a kind of legal and shortest way to get rid of the boring relationship. So, if your wife starts getting at you without obvious reasons, it might be one of the signs to leave a marriage.

2. She is bored

Boredom, which you notice on top of everything else, is another bad sign. The first thing that a woman loses when she is not interested in the man is a little twinkle in her eyes. She becomes emotionless and tries to shut the world out. Similar signs are common for those who haven’t felt love and support for a long time. This woman needs to be woken up and cheered up, for example, with flowers, hugs or unexpected pleasant journey.

However, if she changes her behavior quite suddenly even without any efforts on your part, and her good mood is not directed at you, then she might have already found a replacement for you. Talking about mental state, she might have one foot out the door on the way to her happiness without you. So, such behavior can be one of the signs it's time for a divorce. Nonetheless, this twinkle can appear not only due to another man.

3. She does not hold on to your relationship

A woman who loses interest in her man begins to break the usual ties. She doesn’t want to go anywhere together as well as to sleep and walk because all these things are no longer necessary for her. At the same time, when you go somewhere without her, for example, to meet friends or go fishing, she does not react in the usual way, "Where are you going? Can I go with you?" Instead of objections and reproaches, you face her indifference. Sometimes, this behavior accompanies the maturity, when a wife becomes an individual and begins to understand the value of personal space and alone time.

However, if a wife does not care whether you have clean shirts or whether you are you full, and she doesn’t meet you after work to kiss, this can be one of the signs she wants to leave you. All these little things, which seem natural at the beginning of the relationship, are, in fact, very enlightening in 5-7-20 years of living together.

4. She stops luring you to her parents

One of the main women’s features apart from a passion for high heels is an emotional closeness to the parents. signs-your-wife-wants-a-divorceUsually, they are not ashamed to share feelings and fears with their moms and dads as well as to ask their advice even if they are already leading the transatlantic corporations. Therefore, the fact that the wife does not want to show you to her relatives is one of the danger signs she is going to leave you. In fact, there can be two reasons: her parents might be already aware of her plans about you, or the girl does not want her parents to guess everything, looking at your couple, which is in danger of breakdown.

5. She does not talk about the future

Of course, it happens that initially, a man adores hiking and kayaking, and a woman likes sunbathing on the beach and shopping. This does not mean that you need to immediately immerse yourself in the hobbies of the spouse. The main thing is that people still have some shared passion after the campaign and the beach. For example, both of you like to travel. Perfectly! First, you can find a time and opportunity to devote time to your own interests and then take a trip. However, if you don’t have joint interests, and she doesn’t seek to spend time with you, it can be one of the signs to leave a relationship.

In addition, girls like very much to make plans for the future, and if your spouse says something like, “My aunt cooks delicious pancakes with maple syrup, you will try them for Christmas.” Do not be naive, this phrase is not a praise for the culinary talents of her aunt. This is encryption. It means, "We will spend Christmas holidays together!" However, if the girl has stopped making footnotes to your joint future, it can be one of the signs your wife wants a divorce. Most likely, she avoids such footnotes because she is going to eat these pancakes without you.

6. She changes her behavior

You may notice that a way of treating you has changed. You feel familiarity and detachment instead of respect and care in her words. At the same time, she might start calling you by name instead of the usual adorable nickname.

Besides, you may face a lack of desire and interest in intimacy on her part. A woman does not initiate sex, moreover, she stops your initiative, "I'm tired," "I have a strong headache," etc. This does not necessarily mean that she has a lover, it just says that she does not want specifically you. Such refusals on an ongoing basis might be one of the signs a divorce is imminent.

It is interesting that some women may not refuse sex, even wanting to leave the husband. They try to take advantage of a pleasant moment, especially if they don’t have a lover. Moreover, some divorced couples sometimes continue to have sex from time to time.

7. She defends the independence and doesn’t want to meet your friends

Previously, she did not mind when you left your socks on the floor and interfered with watching a movie. Now, your wife strictly lectures you for what she calls "a violation of her personal space."

Do you remember how happy she was when you offered her to go somewhere with your friends? The spouse considered them "wonderful people," dressed up for a meeting, joked and laughed. Now, when you tell about a joint hang out with friends in bowling, she has a million reasons not to go. She might even say that she has a fear of round objects, for example. All these moments are obvious signs you're headed for divorce, and her desire for partial separation can gradually escalate into a desire to break up.

8. She makes a scandal like the last time or she doesn’t do that at all

It’s quite a normal thing to argue and make a scandal from time to time when you are married for a long time. You are two grown-ups with your own opinions which cannot coincide all the time. So, of course, you quarreled before. Small bright flashes of mutual discontent, caused, as a rule, by unreasonable jealousy preceded a vivid sex. Now, everything has changed, and the quarrel is very serious. She tries to hit where it's going to hurt – your sore spots like salary, mother, early baldness. Although you are convinced that this is not total hair loss but just a seasonal thing. In a word, this is one of the signs she wants a divorce if a fine tradition of sex after reconciliation is well and truly over. She is no longer afraid of offending you once and for all. She might even aspire to that.

she wants a divorceHowever, don't hold your breath if the previous situation isn’t about you. It might be the case that your wife does not care. Most likely, her indifference is one of the signs your wife wants to leave you, and everything is over. She might wait for an appropriate moment to break up and breathe a sigh of relief.

9. She doesn’t kiss you as often as she used to, and she has some secrets

Contrary to popular belief, sex is not a relationship barometer. That is, if a wife refuses to have sex with you all the time, then everything is very bad. However, one of the early signs your wife wants a divorce is the girl's unwillingness to kiss and hug you. Why is it so? In comparison with men’s worldview, almost all the women consider kisses and hugs to be extremely important things in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, they are even more important than sex. After all, sex is a rough mechanical process without which, however, people cannot live happily. Nonetheless, kissing and hugging are considered as the peak of intimacy between two people.

Talking about keeping secrets, girls do not like to do that. Women like to take secrets in rent and then to part with them without regret and even with pleasure. So, if the spouse has stopped telling you about the personal life of her friends, don't get your pants on fire. Most likely, your wife’s women friends tell their husbands that your spouse is going to break things off. You have been just crossed off the list of proxies with whom she wants to share her confidences.

10. She packs and says, “Goodbye.”

All the described points tell about the loss of contact and bonds, which keep you together like hooks. If your couple, by default and mutual consent, has long lived without them (let's say, it's convenient for you), then, of course, there is a high probability that one day, your spouse will pack her things and simply leave, or offer you to leave “without any obvious reasons.” In fact, this situation cannot be asymptomatic. Most likely, the thing is that you have either reconciled, or you deliberately do not want to notice the obvious things. It is naive to live with a woman without warmth for years and believe that both are happy with it. If you are this kind of men, then you will not understand when to give up on a relationship.

All the above-mentioned signs she wants a divorce work only when taken together, since, in fact, a woman leaves only when she really gets up and says, "Good-bye" to you. At that moment, nothing can be done except to close the door behind her. If you notice any of these signs, but the woman is still with you, it means that it’s not over yet. You still can do something to make a difference. However, you should remember that the bomb is ticking slowly.