Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Girlfriend: Tips and Ideas


To reduce the environmental footprint of your gifts, you can buy them in a regular store, and not online, to reduce the amount of packaging. Even gift wrapping can be chosen among ones from recycled materials, it is not as bright as glossy, but it can be decorated with stamps and drawings. Or you can stick to the best zero-waste option and give emotions instead of things: tickets to the theater, cinema, concert. But if you cannot do without material gifts, we will help you choose the most eco-friendly products as a Valentine's Day surprise for your beloved.

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Why We All Should Pay Attention to Eco-Friendly Gifts

What are the principles of Zero Waste philosophy?

  • Refuse. It is about smart consumption. Think about the appropriateness of your purchases.
  • Reduce. Do not buy what may become unnecessary later.
  • Reuse. Use reusable items. Buy a coffee mug and forget about plastic cups. Most coffee houses will also give you a discount.
  • Recycle. Do not forget about sorting garbage. You can send or take used items for recycling to specially designated places.
  • Rot. It is most convenient to compost waste in a private house, but there are also devices for the apartment, an electric kitchen composter, a chopper for a sink. They help make waste fertilizer for plants.

You don’t only need to start sorting and recycling garbage. All the eco-friendly ideas can be applied to gifts. Supporters of Zero Waste use reusable items and don’t immediately throw away what’s broken since often these things can still be fixed. To avoid garbage, do not buy it and never present it to your friends. For example, if you find a girl for relationships who is a zero-waster, the choice of gifts shouldn’t be about buying useless stuff because you will offend her. You only need to make pre-considered purchases and not buy things that the person you are trying to please, most likely, will not use. Old things can be sold or donated to charity.

An eco-friendly lifestyle is the only way to improve the state of the world around you! And the conscious choice of everything from your own household things to the unique eco-friendly gift for the closest people is an important stage in creating a new standard of living and attitude to the nature around us.

Are Green Gifts Worse Than Regular Ones?

Many people often choose things they like as a gift, and not what can please the person who gets it. Do not present an icon to an atheist, a plush toy to a minimalist, and a plastic item in a plastic box wrapped in plastic gift paper to a zero-waster. Choosing a present for someone environmentally aware is not hard or boring, this a whole new world because there are cheap eco-friendly gifts, original zero-waste products or many ideas that are way cooler than ordering random stuff on Aliexpress.

natural organic giftsIn general, even if you know exactly what a person wants, you simply get mistaken guessing the color or design they like. For example, bedding. Good, quality, but with an annoying print. Or white cups when a person likes only transparent ones. Or a sewing kit even though the girl hasn’t been sewing for two years now.

It is worth saying that the topic of natural organic gifts can cause you inconvenience if you decide to live a minimalistic life without trash and garbage. But we believe that there can be a healthy balance between this way of life and the culture of giving presents. And you will be only glad to introduce this culture into your life.

In general, green gift ideas are even better for two reasons. When you know a person is a minimalist, then you have hundreds of options for a present that they will surely like. While with regular people, it is harder to guess. And the second advantage – you both take part in saving our planet.

Main Features That Make a Gift Eco-Friendly

The concept of zero waste has turned out to be the answer to the questions that have occupied many people for the last couple of years: how to become happy, how to lose weight, how to save, and finally, how to feel that you are contributing to something more. It seems that people often find themselves depressed because they do not feel necessary. This is because they forget that to feel happy, you need not only to receive but also to give. And eco-friendly gifts ideas give exactly this feeling because they are something more than simple presents.

The short carbon footprint of its production. A zero-waster is not just a person who uses fashionable attributes: a mesh-wax or eco bag, a mug for a takeaway coffee, a reusable water bottle and, of course, a bamboo toothbrush. This is the one who thinks out their way of life to minimize resources and waste production. From the experience of those who seek ways to become more eco-friendly, multiple alternatives are available for almost all disposable items. And when people switch to these options massively, they reduce the demand for the cheap products of mass corporations. The concept behind all eco-friendly gift ideas is to reduce resource depletion and make the way of the product from the producer to the consumer as short as possible.

It doesn't require any additions to buy regularly. Reusable pots, water bottles, tubes, pouches, a bunch of cosmetics from dry shampoo and conditioner and a bamboo toothbrush will be useful and help avoid masses, mainly of plastic waste that is not processed. Eco-friendly gift ideas for her are those products that will serve many years without worrying about refills.

It is reliable and serves for years. Materials used for eco products, those are mainly steel, glass and wood are way harder and convenient than plastic. They do not break or wear down so easily and that is why serve as a great investment for the future. Instead of buying cheap stuff and replacing it every few months, minimalists choose to buy something more expensive but stylish and functional. You pay for the quality and your contribution to the planet.

It helps care about the environment. To "save" at least the date when the Earth will exhaust all its resources, it is necessary to observe some minimum rules concerning zero waste, and most importantly, to consume wisely. It is the unreasonable consumption that causes many problems in the environment and even in health since the two things are quite interrelated. So, when you stick to zero-waste gifts for eco-friendly woman, you take part in saving mother nature.

It has no wrapping, or it's wrapped in reusable materials. There is nothing in plastic. If you are aware of zero-waste philosophy, then you understand why. If a plastic item has a wooden, glass or metal version, choose it. It is very upset when plastic is used where it could have been avoided. Sometimes you order something useful and environmentally friendly, and they deliver it to you in a box filled with two-thirds of the polystyrene foam (you should always ask to not do that in the comments to orders).

It is made of natural and/or recyclable materials. Since such products should serve a long way, they are made of high-quality materials that we obtain naturally. Eco-experts also advise you to pay attention to edible or drinkable gifts: appropriate and useful items. Don't limit yourself to chocolate and fruits, and just find out your friends' preferences in advance.

15 Awesome Ideas of Green Gifts for Women

The consumer race is a blow to the family budget. In addition, the production and transportation of gifts consume electricity and limited resources of the planet, water and air are polluted. Try to reconsider your attitude toward gifts.

Eco-activists advise giving not only things but impressions and services. For example, electronic movie tickets, massage or horseback riding. In general, our eco-friendly gift guide contains ideas for every budget. They will not only give joy and pleasure but also make the planet cleaner and our lifestyle more conscious.

Vintage clothes and accessories. Billions of kilograms of clothing around the world end up in a landfill. This is greatly facilitated by fast fashion and trends. Trending clothes are often made of poor quality to make you run to the store for a new T-shirt as soon as the previous one was covered with spools, having not survived the first wash. This is a negative and wasteful cycle, so find the strength not to participate in it. And one of the ways to do so is to stop buying mass-market clothes for presents, better spend your time on vintage stores, and we are sure that you will find something truly unique there.

Handmade gifts. Each trip to the supermarket also involves a huge amount of plastic, remember how many disposable bags you take to pack vegetables and fruits. An environmentally conscious friend can be presented with a set of special bags for weighing vegetables and fruits (in theory, you can also take ordinary cute washing bags, the main thing is to make sure that they are durable enough and will survive frequent use). And you can make such bags yourself from the old pieces of fabric or clothes.

Live plants and planters for home growing. What can make the best organic gifts? Flowers! Because nothing is more organic than the flowers themselves. This gift also has practical applications - flowers will replace an air humidifier in an apartment. To make the gift environmentally friendly, make sure that the pot in which the plant is placed is not made of plastic. For example, there are options where a wooden pot is combined with a stand for pens and pencils, a great souvenir for a colleague or boss.

Thermos or water bottles. To bring your own bottle with you and stick to thermos instead of heating your food in a plastic container is a good habit, especially since ordinary tap water is often suitable for drinking - just not everyone can like the taste. In any case, you can give your friend a cool bottle of water or a thermos mug since during cold winters this is especially needed.

Home and kitchen items for zero waste lifestyle. A beautiful glass and a set of green tea as a gift are a classic. But what if it is a glass of biodegradable material? Today, there are sets of utensils made from corn starch, wheat straw, sugar cane. And not only disposable items, but also cups and plates that can be used every day. Especially such bright plates will delight children.

The silicone mat is a good gift for everyone who loves to bake custard cakes, cookies, marshmallows, pizza, and pies. It replaces non-eco-friendly foil and baking paper, which are not degradable. Such rugs can be round, square and rectangular. They are very elastic, durable, bright, withstand high temperatures and are easy to clean. There are models with sides, perforations, textures and recesses for macaroons. Unfortunately, silicone is not accepted for recycling in all countries. But such a rug will last several years and save dozens of rolls of baking paper.

Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks or workshops. The best gift for a food enthusiast, vegan and zero-waster is a cookbook of healthy and tasty recipes created by the most famous vegetarian food bloggers from around the world. Stunning photos and stories turn the cookbook into a full-fledged album of inspiration! Check out the Deliciously Ella cookbooks, as well as Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking and Green Kitchen at Home.

unique eco friendly giftsEco clean impressions. We have been taught that the book is the best gift. But for the sake of making books, hundreds of trees are being destroyed. As an alternative, give your friends subscriptions to electronic or audiobooks. On various sites, you can send as a gift separate copies of electronic publications, as well as give unlimited subscriptions for a certain period, so that your girl will be able to choose what she would like to read. By the way, books about ecology will be a great gift for a person who cares about the environment.

Tree Planting Certificate is another great impression. The project “Give a tree” offers a certificate for planting a tree. The scheme is simple: you make a purchase of a certificate on the project website, receive it by e-mail and give it to a woman. At this time, in places requiring restoration, a tree is planted, and a tag with the number indicated in the certificate is attached to it. Photos of the planted tree are sent to the certificate holder by e-mail. Thus, it is possible to “repay a debt” to nature, which we cause damage throughout our lives.

Lunch box. Lunchbox is not only useful but also a practical gift. It helps be more conscious about food - not to buy meals to go (which also means a huge amount of the same plastic), but to take food from home and plan your menu more carefully. Eco lunchboxes are not quite ordinary: the sandwich is unlikely to fit in it, but the soup, a salad or big meal will do. In addition, the kit usually includes a convenient “spork,” a hybrid of a spoon and a fork.

Solar-powered charger. The popularity of alternative energy sources is gaining momentum every year. A solar-powered lamp or a charger is another great eco-gift. They are safe for nature and economical. In addition, such devices do not require constant care and additional wiring, and their service life is at least two years. The luminaire batteries recharge during the day and release energy. The most important thing is not to place them in the shade.

Natural and zero-waste cosmetics. Skincare and makeup are the most common organic gifts for her. If you want your present to be environmentally friendly, choose handmade soap and cosmetics, which were created using only natural materials. In this case, pay attention to the packaging: it is better to give preference to solid soap, rather than liquid. Buy cosmetics in bottles made from recyclable materials.

Reusable travel coffee cup. Ordering a coffee-to-go in a plastic cup is today considered something shameful and simply stupid. Because most coffee places offer discounts for visitors with their own cups, and in this way, even big companies take part in reducing the carbon footprint of humanity. So, presenting someone who is conscious about nature a reusable cup (which are foldable as a rule) is an excellent idea. The only thing is what practically all zero-wasters start from carrying their cup with them, so maybe your girl already owns one.

Bamboo toothbrush. A plastic toothbrush, of course, does less harm to nature than plastic packaging of products (at least because we change toothbrushes less often), but the changes begin with small things. It is much easier to dispose of a bamboo toothbrush, and thanks to not the highest price, you can give friends at least an annual supply if you wish.

Waste composter. Mankind is gradually coming to the conclusion that garbage is inevitable. People collect and recycle glass, plastic, paper, and metal. For those who are not going to dwell on this and want to process the leftovers from their table, there are special composters that you can use at home and get fertilizer useful for the garden.

Clothes and items made of recycled materials. For loved ones, you can give clothes or shoes made from recycled waste. Many leading brands are engaged in the production of such things: H&M, Nike, Levi’s and many other brands make recycled clothing to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills. You can order a T-shirt made of fabric, 40 percent consisting of recycled plastic and put your print on it, you get an exclusive environmentally friendly gift.

Menstrual cup. We never tire of praising menstrual cups, an environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to pads and tampons. We think you already understand that giving such a gift is hardly worth the acquaintance, but it is quite possible for a close friend or if you have been dating for long and are both inside the community of zero-wasters. Choosing the right bowl is always an individual question, so a Fun Cup set of two different-sized bowls will come in handy.

If you want to make the life of a loved one a little more environmentally friendly, you can give them appropriate gifts. It is worth knowing in advance whether they have such a thing or not so as not to give the same item. Because as we have mentioned, one of the ideas of being eco-friendly is caring about how much stuff you own and not over clutter your living space.

Zero Waste Sets are worth considering as a gift for a beginner, it really helps a person start (if, of course, they want to become more conscious about nature and have already matured), and you will not have to buy everything in different stores and order international delivery. String bags, eco-bags, pouches. You can find a large list of stores offering the products from this article.

Finally, how to pack a gift? The same rules apply as above: no plastic or shiny wrapping paper! Any paper is suitable for packaging; craft or even a newspaper looks especially stylish. Interesting options can be found with the fabric. Most likely, you have already had the right packaging at home. It's time to apply it to make a stylish zero waste present!