What Makes Her The Best Woman to Marry: Sure Signs


If you are dating happily for quite a long time, you are no longer bothered by the question of where to meet single female, but that doesn't mean that your problems end there. Sooner or later you can feel that your relationship needs some further development. And then you start looking for the signs she's the one. The biggest fear that may occur when you are planning to marry your partner is that she's not the one. It means that you are going to spend a part of your life with someone unsuitable.

Yes, a lot of us think that if you feel right as a dating couple, then things should work out for you as a married couple. But that doesn't always work that way. Sometimes it may turn out just like trying to date your friend. Like, you've known each other for so long, and you are that great in understanding each other as friends, it surely means that you are going to work out as a couple, right? But when you start dating, something doesn't feel right. The same goes for marrying your girlfriend. No matter how long you've been dating, your marriage may not work out. You feel frustrated and in the need of relationship advice? There is no need to torture your shrink with questions, "Should I marry her?" just continue reading to learn how to figure out whether she is the one or not.

signs you should marry her

Why People Get Married: Real Reasons

Before we are going into figuring out the signs you should marry her, we should find out why people get married in general. There are a variety of reasons, some of them are good and may lead to a healthy continuation of your, pardon my tautology, healthy relationship. There are also terrible reasons to get married that will lead to pain, depression and inevitable divorce. So, let's figure out those reasons.

No, we are not jumping on that marriage doesn't make sense anymore bandwagon, but let's start from the terrible reasons to get married to help you avoid probable mistakes. One of the most widespread terrible reasons to marry is to solve your relationship problems. Yes, a lot of dating couples think that if they are going through a relationship crisis, then the marriage will solve everything, as by their desire to marry they show their eagerness to be with that person. But, you may have problems for different reasons, one of which may turn out that you are together, thus your marriage will only multiply those problems. The second terrible reason is marrying because you are afraid to be alone. You are constantly afraid that your girlfriend will run away, and you can tie her to yourself forever with marriage. Well, you will split up anyway, as this is a completely wrong reason for marriage. You should marry out of love and not out of fear.

We're done with terrible reasons, now it's time to learn good reasons to marry your girlfriend. The very first reason is the friendship that lies underneath your relationship, if you have it, you can go straight ahead for marriage. You understand each other well, and the possibility of conflicts is extremely low. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy living together even when your romantic feelings start fading away. Supporting and standing for each other is another great reason, as marriage can be a difficult type of relationship, and you do need to support each other in it. And you should definitely marry if you see it not as an obligation, but an exciting option and a start of an interesting phase in your relationship.

5 Sure Signs She Is Ready and Wants to Marry You

Now, after learning the reasons for marriage, it's time to learn how to figure out whether she wants to marry you. Yes, love is a two-way street, especially when it comes to marriage. Yes, it is great that you want to marry her, but you need to make sure that she wants the same. So, we offer you to check out five signs she wants to marry you without any further ado.

should i marry her1. She Talks About Meeting Your Parents

If you've started dating recently, but you already feel deeply connected, it's already a sign that you can become quite a happy married couple. But if she starts talking about meeting your parents, don't think twice, as most likely it's a sure sign that she's into you and has already thought about marrying you. Basically, it means she likes you, and now she wants to check out what her relationships with your parents can be. In this case, the best decision is to arrange that meeting, so she and your parents can get to know each other.

2. She Always Tries to Please You

She constantly tries to please you. She agrees with you in most of the cases. When you say that you like her wearing this dress, she is going to wear it. If you like that dish, she is going to cook it. And when you are talking about the future, she almost always agrees with your plans. Well, that's a sure sign that she wants to marry you. Especially, if she tries to please you when you are talking about the future. It means that she is ready to accept your plans if you allow her to stay with you.

3. She Mentions Family Relationships More Often

Suddenly she starts talking about your different relatives. She's talking about how surprised she was to learn about the way uncle Ted proposed to aunt Annie. She's telling you about how her parents got married. And if you don't get the obvious hint, we are going to break it to you – she is telling you that she wants to marry you and is waiting for your proposal.

4. She Wants to Move in Together

There's no secret that moving in together is kind of a test-drive for being married. Yes, you are dating, and both of you might be thinking about having a further development of your relationship, but you need to know for sure that you won't start irritating each other when you spend every day together in one apartment. But, if she's the one who offers to move in together, don't think twice, as it is a sure sign that she wants to marry you.

5. She Often Talks About Married Friends

Well, when you are dating, you can't avoid discussing your friends. You discuss their attitude to certain things, where they were right and where they were wrong. But note if she starts picking up only those friends who are married, it's a hint. Suddenly, you find yourself discussing your friends' marriage and their relationships before and after they got married? Well, that's absolutely clear that she wants to marry you.

How Do You Know She's the One to Marry?

Yes, we've figured out the signs that she wants to marry you, and everything seems to be hunky-dory. But that's not the end. Her desire to marry you is great, but that doesn't mean that marrying her will be the right decision. So, how to know she's the one to marry? To help you, we've collected some of the signs she is the one, which we offer you to check out without any other further ado.

You Want to Be with Her

One of the not so obvious signs that you should marry her is you wanting to be with her. Remember, we've mentioned that her wanting to be with you or wanting to marry you is not enough? Well, imagine your life without her. Being unable to imagine your life without her – that's how do you know she is the one. But mind that you should be realistic about that, as when we are infatuated, it is easy to imagine our life being dull and grey without our partners. But wanting to be with her is a good sign that you should marry her.

She Remains Interesting for You

One of the signs of a good woman is that your interest in her doesn't cease. If she remains an intellectual challenge for you, you may be sure that you are not going to be bored with her after a few years together. A woman who remains interesting to you is never going to make you wonder what are you still doing together. Thus, if you wonder how to know you found the one to marry, don't look any further if you are dating a girlfriend who is sort of mysterious. Nobody is telling you to date a femme fatale, but it is always better to stick with the one with whom you have interesting conversations.

She's Emotionally Consistent

The worst choice you can make is to marry someone emotionally unstable in hopes that she would become more balanced after marriage. Married life with someone who's in a good spirit now, but a moment later becomes hysterical is a tough task. And needless to say that such a relationship cannot be considered healthy. So, stick with someone who is open with you and doesn't suffer from severe mood swings. You don't want to devote your married life to spending time with someone who becomes absolutely unrecognizable in a blink of an eye.

how to know if you should marry herShe's Honest with You and Others

Honesty is one of the key elements of a successful marriage, that's why you need to pay close attention to your girlfriend while you are dating. Unfortunately, it's hard to say whether the person you are dating is honest with you or not, as here you need to trust your feelings. But there's still a chance to figure out how honest she is. Let's imagine the situation, she's telling you that she thinks that one of your mutual friends acted like an idiot in a certain situation. If she tells your mutual friend the same face to face, she's honest. She disagrees with you when she feels like you are doing something wrong? Well, that means that she's honest.

She Treats You the Same Way You Treat Her

Well, we all know that a healthy relationship is focused more on giving, rather than on taking. When you give her gifts and she does the same for you and when you provide her with emotional support and she does the same for you, that's when you know she's the one. If she's constantly taking and demanding something from you, probably that's not worth a try, as your marriage is going to be a trip to hell and back for you.

She's Not into Being Jealous

Well, while it is a common belief that jealousy is a sure sign that your partner loves you, in reality, jealousy only hurts your relationship. It is extremely hard to be in a relationship with a jealous person, especially when you are not giving them any reason to act that way. If you are constantly tormented by questions like, "Who were you with? I saw the way you were looking at her! Don't you love me anymore? You think I'm not good enough for you, right?" Be sure that things can only get worse after marriage.

She Gives You Space

Wonder how to know if you should marry her? Make sure that she's not clingy. We all need some alone-time, and we all need to have our private space. If she doesn't crowd you, then she's your best variant. She knows that you need time to spend with your friends, and you don't have to be together all the time. That's a clear identification that she trusts you. And trust is one of the key elements of a successful marriage.

Do You Take Her as Your...

Now you know the right reasons to get married, and you know how to figure out whether she is the one for you or not. Not that we've collected all the signs that make her perfect for you, as a lot of things depend on her and your individuality, but hopefully we've provided you with enough information for you not to marry a wrong person. And if the girl you are dating right now is the right one for you, maybe it's time to buy her an engagement ring?