Turning On a Russian Girl: Hints and Advice


When talking about a perfect sexual partner, each lady has her own preferences, and Russian women are no exception. So there are a lot of unique tricks and approaches in sex with a Russian girl. In general, it all comes down to choosing the right kisses, positions, and words to say.

Let’s talk about what you need to do to turn on a Russian beauty you have been dating for a while and learn a bit more about Russian girls in sex. Make sure that you have plenty of time to work on your goal, because when approaching a girl gradually, you have much more chances to get her in bed than when rushing things out.


Introduction: Russian women are great in bed

Some say that there’s nothing special about sex with a Russian woman, as they are too modest, others – that Slavic ladies are the most passionate lovers in the world. It all depends on women themselves. But one thing is certain: before a lady from Russia agrees to make love with you, she needs to be sure that you have feelings for her. In most Slavic ladies’ opinion, deep sympathy is a key attribute of an unforgettable sex, as the mental connection between lovers becomes stronger when passion is involved. Besides, Russian or Ukrainian girls are very romantic. If a partner creates a calm and romantic atmosphere for his woman, an incredible night of love is guaranteed.

The main thing that arouses sexual desire in Russian girls is men’s affection. Sometimes a man doesn’t even need to say something; his woman can feel all the passion that comes from him. Deep feelings and love add passion and intimacy to sexual relationships with a Russian girl, giving you something that you’ve never experienced before.

But there are also some downsides of having a Russian lover. For example, most of them stick only to classic positions in sex and don’t appreciate acrobatic experiments. We don’t say that all ladies from Russia are afraid of trying something new, but you really shouldn’t bring too much new to your sexual life. This also goes for suggesting some unusual places for sex, as girls from Russia prefer making love on a bed.

Unique places for sexual affairs won’t spice relationships with a Russian woman too much. Sometimes a drink or two of something strong may help your Slavic girlfriend loosen up a bit. This may also help you reveal her sexual desires.

Turning on a Russian girl

couple-love-playNow let’s find out how to turn a Russian girl on. There’s nothing difficult about it, all you need is to find the right combination of words and touches. Keep reading.

Turning a Russian girl on with words

Words are a powerful weapon in seducing a Russian lady (if she speaks English well, of course). The great difference between men and women is that girls fall in love through their ears. If you’re not a smooth talker, don’t worry. A couple of standard phrases would work, just whisper them when getting closer to her, gently breathing in her ear. Try saying something like this: “I just can’t wait to get to know you better” or come up with your own phrase.

But mostly it’s all about how you touch her. One gentle but passionate touch can do a lot more than a dozen of words. Here are a couple of ways to turn a Russian woman on with touches.

How to touch a girl from Russia

This is what can help you make a Slavic beauty really want you. One touch can arouse her passion even before you two get into bed, and everything happens. Here are a few examples to help you figure out how to turn a pleasant evening into a night of love using touches.

Pull her hair a bit. Try not to overdo it and hurt her. Just grab a couple of curls and pull them playfully – works great with Russian women in bed.

Scratch her a little. When touching a Russian lady, try to scratch some of her erogenous zones, like the back of her neck, hips, and so on. Use this trick only after you get to know each other well, and there will be a connection between you, as it’s too intimate. But this is one of the most effective ways to turn a Russian girl on.

Position for the kiss. This is an awesome trick that always works perfectly. You probably saw it hundreds of times in movies. Move to her as if you were going for the kiss, stop right before her face and freeze for a second. Such move will definitely make her want to kiss you or even something more.

Try a long touch. This means that you should normally touch her, for instance, put the hand on one of her hands, shoulders, or the small of the back and let it stay there for a couple of seconds; she will love it.

Keep an eye contact. You can easily turn your Russian girlfriend on by looking her in the eye. Keep looking and don’t stop holding her gaze. This way you can also show your confidence. Well, as you noticed, it’s not exactly a touch, but this trick is also a great way to get Russian girls in bed without putting too much effort.

Special advice to make the best of sex with a Russian girl


Here are some more facts you need to know about Russian women and sex.

To find out how awesome Russian sex can be, you need to show some creativity. Move on from touches to biting your partner’s fingertips, neck, and lips. This will surely work much better than a simple touch. Look for some sensitive areas on her body; pay attention to the inner surface of her thighs and arms. It’s better to take her underwear off. Keep saying how sexy she is and how much you want her.

Some Russian girls enjoy listening to music during sex. Carefully chosen calm and slow love songs can increase sexual arousal. So if you want to make the night of love with a Russian lady unforgettable, consider making the right playlist. Besides, just like other women, Slavic girls love pleasant aromas. The scent of a fresh strawberry or cucumber or the smell of fresh dough turn them on as effective as words or touches.

Russian ladies love when their partners take them in their arms. They also enjoy touching a man’s body wherever they want. The thing is that not every guy would agree to become an object of his girlfriend’s sexual attention.

And the last but not least - Russian girls can be unpredictable when it comes to sex. Your partner may even ask you about how and when you lost your virginity. If both of you know each other well enough, she may tell you about her sexual desires.