How to Impress a Russian Girl: Everything You Need to Know about It


Modern people seem to have all the necessary information about relationships. Yet it turns out that many guys barely understand how to impress a girl to make her fall for you. Special for you, I prepared an advice tackling not only dating in its general sense but Russian dating as well.

How to Impress a Russian Girl

Why do you need to impress a girl?

Seriously, why? Modern humanity allegedly struggles to break cultural and social boundaries. In particular, the line between genders blurs. Yet… not so fast! In Europe and America, women have already obtained equal rules with men so they don’t really have to fight any longer. Furthermore, I have to tell you most women still want to feel like they are princesses. You see, it is more about realising that her opportunities are countless than about being a man who wears a skirt. Thus, here is the first reason: you are a man.

The situation becomes even more obvious when it comes to Russian women. Okay, their culture is hugely different from what westerners are used to. On the other hand, Russians know what emancipation is. Local women aren’t as independent as U.S. but more and more of them wanna be self-sufficient. However, this doesn’t make Russian girls less feminine. They definitely know a family outweighs a career – such an opinion might be too obsolete in a westerner’s view but this is how Russian mind works.

Consequently, dating isn’t just a way to have fun for young Russian ladies: this is a significant part of their life. Any attractive man they see might become their destiny. You already know these ladies are amazing and unique; that’s why knowledge of how to impress a woman becomes essential if you think of dating a Russian girl. Keep in mind the first impression she gets about you defines the future of your entire communication. If you make serious mistakes, it may be really hard to fix them.

Another reason why impressing a girl is necessary: it flatters your vanity. Any men who I’ve ever asked told me he wooing a girl made him feel stronger, more powerful, smarter, and generally successful – just because he performs a role determined by Mother Nature. In other words, you start feeling more manly when you woo a girl as it should be.

Finally, when a woman is worshipped and satisfied, she is willing to give nice attitude back to her partner. If you do everything right, even the most fastidious lady falls for you and treats you like her treasure. Isn’t that awesome? Yet the art of impressing women isn’t that easy to master. So let’s take a look at things you should or shouldn’t do in order to impress a Russian girl.

5 things that might impress a Russian girl

A good exterior. Among all possible ways to impress a girl, this is probably the fastest. Of course, physical attractiveness doesn’t guarantee us this person is decent, interesting, or brainy. But the beauty of Russian ladies is known worldwide and it is logical that they would like to build relationships with handsome men. I talk not only about your clothes or expensive accessories – you should also maintain a good shape, keep your hair and nails neat, and have the basic knowledge of styles and trends.

Erudition. This factor becomes super important when you approach a Russian woman. No need to say that handsomeness is worth nothing if this is your only notable characteristic. A fact to consider: Russians were recognised as the most reading nation on the planet. Local girls are famous for their high intellect and the capability of dealing with various issues wisely. A rich inner world of their partners is what they value above everything else. To attract a lady of this kind, I recommend you taking care of your self-development first of all.

Perfect manners. Since modern women nevertheless look for courtesy, men are supposed to demonstrate excellent behaviours. Doesn’t really matter whether you interact with a Russian girl live or online – you should watch your manners and speech out. You should know these women are normally well-brought up and want to communicate with their equals. Be polite during conversations on an online dating site and fawn around her on live dates and her heart will be yours!

Confidence. This character feature is a must-have thing for any male being, that’s what Russian women think. As they are pretty feminine, they just want guys to make first moves first. If a Russian lady likes you, she won’t probably express it in a straightforward way. Keep the tabs on how she behaves while being around you and make conclusions!

Reliability. Yeah, to make a Russian lady fall in love with you, it is necessary to prove yourself as a committed man. If you think loyalty and stability in relationships aren’t cool, I’d advise you not to waste your precious time. Russian women believe true love brings two people together once and forever. They seek long-term connections with men who’d understand them, treat them as gems, and be sincerely interested in them.

These were the top things on how to impress women. Let’s now focus on those you should avoid doing.

5 things to never use to impress a Russian girl

Being self-absorbed. Well, no one becomes attractive if he is convinced the whole world revolves around him. Especially when it comes to treating Russian ladies, you need to let your lady know she is in favour. She wants to be loved by you; if you care just about yourself, a woman like this will instantly be pushed away from you. A harmonious romance includes two people who equally concerned about each other.

Being greedy. This is totally unacceptable if you are keen on dating a Russian woman. Yes, female westerners don’t encourage their men to give them many gifts – it is just not in their nature. In Russian society, a man is actually expected to show his affection via nice surprises. It’s not about your money but about the attention you pay to a lady!

Being dressed improperly. I’ve already told you how much the exterior means. But I wanna discuss it again. Just because of their mindset, Russian girls are crazy about how they look like. An average local woman will never leave her home without wearing a makeup, high-heeled shoes, and an elegant outfit. If you come on a date with her in a training suit, her impression about you will be rather poor.

Flirting with other women. The things above were surely less serious than what we are approaching now. Russian dating and relationships are centred on loyalty and the mutual trust. Hence, by demonstrating your potential girlfriend you are keen on some other girls, you only increase your chances of getting rejected.

Treating her as a sex object. If there is anything worse than displaying a polygamous attitude towards women, we’ve found it! Too often, young men read pick-up forums to understand how to impress girls. These forums teach boys some strange techniques like paying backhanded compliments and commenting on a lady’s body in order to win her attention. In fact, women hate it! Showing your sexual desire at early stages of your acquaintance, you demonstrate a Russian girl she can’t count on you as on her loving partner. Praise her soul instead!

This was my quick yet comprehensive guide to how to make a good impression on a Russian girl. Armed with the knowledge, you will definitely take your dating life to a new level – just be patient and practice a lot. A woman of your dream will be yours!