How to Find a Russian Girl for Relationships


I bet you already know Russian girls are cool or why would you be reading this? A great many guys want to know how they can meet a Russian lady and win her heart. So I gathered the brief answers below. Enjoy!

How to Find a Russian Girl for Relationships

Why Russian women are the best for marriage and dating

Unique mindset properties. This is apparently the very basic reason why men from all over the world seek Russian women for dating. Unlike girls in the West, who are sometimes too emancipated, Russian ladies manage to preserve their inborn femininity. They have career ambitions and wish to develop as persons but they nevertheless judge a family to be the principal life goal of any woman. Contemporary girls from this country tend to choose the active lifestyle yet they would never put amusements over eternal values.

Kindness and compassion. Finding a good woman from Russia, you will barely need to visit your psychotherapist any longer as she will perform all these functions for free! You see, it is not in their nature to share their problems with strangers even those who hold diplomas. Russians mostly discuss all issues with their closest friends or family members – they believe no one will give them better advice. So be ready for mutually intimate and open communication with a Russian woman.

Beauty. Another obvious reason why western guys choose Russian ladies for dating is the notable attractiveness of the latter. I met a great many foreigners who came to Russia and were gobsmacked as they saw local girls walking through the streets in their thoroughly picked clothes. Yes, Russian women are much more worried about how they look in comparison with their counterparts from overseas. Don’t get jealous about your Russian bride when all men around will stare at her!

High intellect. The perks of dating a Russian girl aren’t restricted to her gorgeousness. People in this country believe that one’s soul comes first – any woman should be wise and knowledgeable. Consequently, Russian ladies do their best to receive an appropriate education. Moreover, they always like to learn something new about the world and people living around. In particular, your match will be excited about immersing in your native culture.

Different facets of her personality. A Russian girl is unable to make you bored: the greatest pleasure for her is to see her man happy and she wants to be treated equally. At the same time, she will barely intrude your personal space if you don’t want her too. Women from Russia understand the importance of one’s personal space and they know how to entertain themselves with less. The key thing in relationships they look for is compatibility which rarely depends on cultures people were brought up in.

Where to look for Russian girls

To find a Russian lady of your dream, you can choose between two main options below.

Search for her in real life. Of course, there is no a universal recipe. There are myriads of guides on the Internet that can tell you how to find the right woman – yet it depends just on your own effort and luck, to be honest. So let’s focus on concrete places to check out.

First, you may find Russian girls for dating just within your living area. If you don’t have any Russian neighbours, go to immigrant communities. Yes, I’m serious. You see, it is not really that easy to move abroad from Russia. So typically, girls from good families and with certain ambitions arrive in European countries and the USA. And well, big rich cities throughout the Western world are full of Russians working or just hanging out there.

Second, you may simply go to Russia. Well, finding a bride there may not be your purpose but you can take a look at how these women live and behave towards men. For instance, you can travel there on business and simultaneously visit particular spots where single Russian girls gather. I’m talking about such venues as tourist sites, clubs, large parks, shopping malls, coffee shops etc.

Meet her online. Even if you are completely new to online dating, you will easily understand how it works just within a couple of minutes. Love knows no boundaries so the proportion of international romances is constantly growing. As a rule, all major dating sites have a mobile version to make the process even more smooth and entertaining.

People in different countries are still unsure about the safety of online dating. But I must tell you that it’s possible to find a Russian woman who fits your expectations on the Internet. You only should follow some rules in order to protect yourself from scammers and avoid scaring potential brides away.

As the first, you will need an irresistible online dating profile – both in terms of text and pictures. Next, you should work on your communicational skills as dating a Russian lady online isn’t the same as texting to your workmates. Eventually, don’t trust strangers online until you make sure your friend is a real person with fair intentions. Learn the safety rules prior to kicking your journey off!

How to build a solid relationship with a Russian girl

Be loyal to her. Fidelity is one of the main values that form Russian national character. Local perception of love might appear to be obsolete – ideally, one should tie the knot once in a life. Divorce is a normal thing here but most Russian women struggle to keep their families from falling apart as long as they can. As you can see, a lady from Russia will hope for your loyalty as she wants to be loyal to you.

Surround her with your care. Since a man plays a leadership in his couple, according to most Russians’ view, a woman should worship him as her earner and guard. On the other hand, Russian ladies wish to be treated like the biggest treasure of your life. Of course, this is about the mutual energetic exchange between two lovers who should be attentive to one another.

Demonstrate generosity. This trait is what any Russian woman looks for in men. If her partner is generous, he will probably do everything for his woman. I really can’t call Russian girl materialistic – or gold-diggers, what’s even worse. By getting something material from their beloved ones, they make sure the choice of a man was right. An average Russian is ready to give away everything to please his/her dearest people.

Use your inventiveness. Russian girls want their love lives to be flawless. Well, this is indeed a broad term. But one of its components I can describe to you. Apart from finding a good girl, you should be able to keep her satisfied. A Russian woman needs romance! Which includes unusual dates, lovely surprises, and other stuff like this.

Become her chevalier. Strictly speaking, this is another dimension of inventiveness (when it comes to wooing a lady). Courtesy is an obligatory part of this process. Your manners should be great; your gesticulation and speech should be properly chosen; your compliments and jokes should fit the situation. There is definitely nothing difficult about becoming a gentleman – do what traditions claim.

Let’s sum it up

Russian women aren’t some alien beings; they desire all the same basic things other females need. However, there are many cultural differences that impact your communication. If you become a learner and take these recommendations into an account, you will definitely find your only one and keep the flame alive.