Are Russian Women Different from Western Women?


You might have already noticed some differences in the appearances of Russian and European or Western women. Their mindsets and outlooks are not similar too. This is not to say that Russian women are completely different from the rest of the world. They have a number of features and traits typical of all women. They are talkative, they like everything beautiful, they enjoy shopping, they are waiting for an ideal man that will suddenly come into their life, etc. However, there are some nuances that distinguish them from other women.

russian woman

Indulgence and patience.

Unlike Western women, Russian girls will tolerate many things, even offences and physical abuse, just to stay with their partner or to save their marriage. One reason for such forgiveness lies in their low self-esteem and the fear that they will not find a better man (very groundlessly and foolishly of them, indeed). Western women know their own worth and do not let men treat them improperly. One more interesting remark: Russian women are so tolerant of their loved ones because they love self-forgetfully and blindly. When they finally open their eyes and let their pride rule, they find the courage to leave those unworthy men and move on.


If a Russian woman really loves a man, there is nothing she couldn’t do to make him happy. When he has some troubles at work, she’ll find the right words to support him in this situation. If he catches a cold, she’ll be the best doctor for him. A Russian woman will be by her man’s side through thick and thin, no matter what. There is a saying that a Russian woman will enter the burning house and stop a galloping horse. Indeed, she will do unreal things for her loved one.

Feminine looks and non-feministic views.

Russian girls really care about their appearance. Although many of them start adopting European tendency towards the priority of comfort, still most of them want to dress up to turn men’s heads. Russian women prefer wearing dresses and skirts with high heels that make them look fragile and elegant. They are not afraid of their femininity, unlike many Western women who share feminists’ mottos saying that women are not for decoration. While Western women try to use cosmetics as little and rare as possible, Russian women can’t leave their houses without wearing, at least, some makeup. If they know they look stunning, they feel more comfortable during the day.

Views on the family life.

The main distinction between Russian and Western women lies in their attitude to the family. In general, Russians and Russian women, in particular, are very family oriented. Family plays the most important role in their lives. This is one of the reasons why girls in Russia marry in their early 20s. They are taught already in their childhood that when a girl grows up, she will meet a good guy with whom she will tie the knot and start a family. Being guided by such a traditional view on the family, they think that a woman’s main vocation is to be a loving wife and mother. Meanwhile, the career tops the list of priorities of most Western women. They usually get married in their 30s and often choose a child-free way of life because they are inclined to think that having a kid can impede their career development. As to Russian women, they manage to be successful both at work and at home. However, when a Russian woman has to decide between the career and family, she will always decide in favor of her husband and children. It will be always more important for her to be a good wife and mother than a successful business lady.