What Russian Girls Seek in Relationships and Family


The huge number of foreign men struggles to find Russian girls for marriage. They are decent, gorgeous, versatile, and faithful. But what do women look for in a guy? The very basic thing to consider is that the set of requirements might change depending on whether you are into just dating Russian women or creating families with them. Let’s switch to the details now.


What do Russian women look for in men?

Handsomeness. One of the frequently used Russian proverbs says: “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. Although these women are primarily keen on your moral qualities and mind capabilities, they also want to be with attractive males. Mind your grooming and physical development then!

Intelligence. Russian ladies are famous for being witty. They like men who can teach them things and enlarge their circle of interests. A serious relationship involves lots of talking; your Russian girlfriend will be eager to share her mind and get to know your soul.

Gentleman’s style. The way you behave towards a Russian lady matters more to her than your money, gifts you give her, or your fast car. To impress her, you need to speak politely and straightforwardly, do courteous gestures and show how interested in her you are.

Openness. International dating brings together people with different cultural backgrounds. To fully understand a person you want to date, you need to open your mind to new things. Learn Russian culture, tell great facts about your country, and try to fill in the mentality gaps.

Sincerity. This is what all Russian women look for in a man. In fact, this trait is among the most appreciated in their society. It’s useless to pretend to be someone you aren’t if you seek a girl for long-term connection.

Proactiveness. Russian female mindset is built on the “femininity” concept. These women rarely approach men first though they drop various hints of romantic interest. You are actually supposed to notice these subtle signs and make the move.happyness

Serious intentions. Women from Russia are mostly oriented on building relationships, not on having random love affairs. If you want to marry a Russian woman, you need to prove yourself as a reliable and mindful candidate.

What do Russian women look for in a husband?

Stability. If you think about creating a family with a Russian woman, you are surely expected to demonstrate your capability of being a good lifetime partner. One of the things Slavic ladies what to get is a sense of stability.

Loyalty. Dating Russian girls is mostly about commitment. Being loyal to your woman, to your prospective children, and family members are vital for success. If you aren’t ready to commit, you should think many times before looking for a bride.

Determined goals. To marry a Russian girl, you should demonstrate your independence and willingness to grow. No woman would like to be with an indecisive guy she has to fawn around. Of course, your wife will be eager to help you but only if she sees you as a real man. 

Wisdom. In the Russian view, a man should be the head of his family. He is supposed to solve problematic situations and protect his woman from any harm. Not that Russian girls were unable to be in charge of their own lives – they only want to know you will be by their side no matter what.

Confidence. If a man lacks confidence, he is unable to perform the traditional manly functions in a relationship. Russian women value men with adequate self-esteem. You can’t be great at anything but you can definitely do particular things better than other guys.

Backing. Russians tend to maintain strong connections with their dearest people. As a husband of such a woman, you need to actively take part in her life (and she will do the same in return). Get absorbed by things she does and enjoys and offer your hand when she is in distress.

Similar priorities. Those who seek Russian women for marriage need to know that these females support the idea of having one true love during a lifetime. Likewise, they would rather give up their career ambitions than refuse to have a husband and children. What are your romantic priorities? This is a question to solve in advance.