How to Pick Up Single Russian Moms


People through centuries have been trying to determine what the sexiest feature of women is. Some suggest their bodies are the main attraction. Others insist on intelligence being the biggest attraction. We should not forget about those, who assume women have some secret charms that allure men. We are not going to argue with any of these opinions. Our mission today is to tell you about another characteristic that makes women eye-catching. It’s their experience and maturity. No, these features have nothing to do with age. This article is devoted to single moms, no matter if they are in their mid-40s or have just become adolescents. The power of motherhood and inner sexuality that only Russian mothers may possess make them unbelievably attractive.

We are going to discuss best approaches towards single moms, common turnoffs, and some pickup tips for single moms. But for the start, let us explain why you should not be afraid of them and why you will get the best out of relationships with a single mother.

Men are often frightened by the fact that a woman has children. It looks more like a threat or a burden. That is why it’s sometimes so hard for a woman to find a husband or a boyfriend after a divorce. You should understand that modern women are not alike their predecessors. They are autonomous and self-confident. Upbringing children alone is no longer a tragedy; some women intentionally get out of relationships because they know they can give much more to their children by themselves. Bear in mind that they DO NOT look for providers. Of course, some of them might be happy to get some extra financial support. However, that’s not their main aim. Single mothers often look for a friends-with-benefits type of relationships, mainly because they don’t have much time for all the romantic stuff but still need to get their dose of sexual endorphins.

As it’s been already mentioned, we encourage you to seek single mothers for a good reason – they are mature and experienced. You will not have to deal with childish and pretentious behavior. You will get a full pack – a confident and intelligent woman that knows that she wants from life. Children are a great responsibility and single mothers know how to deal with it. If you have not understood it yet, we shall explain it. A single mom will not force you to start a long-haul relationship. Weddings are not obligatory either. Most of them have already been beneath the altar and, for some good reason, they got divorced.

The aforementioned fact raises the most important part of your pickup process. You need to figure out what was wrong with her previous relationships and don’t fall into the same pattern. Or she will dump you momentarily. She is single, and in most cases, it means something was terribly wrong with her family life. That is what we will start with.

1. Define her desires and your intentions

She’s not a little girl. And you are not a frat boy. As you are both mature and knowingly start dating, you need to clear out your intentions. She might not be into serious relationships or marriage at this moment of life. Or she might not be inclined to have sex without emotional attachments. That is what differs teenagers from adults – grownups DO know what they are doing and WHY they are doing it. Consider discussing your and her priorities in advance.

2. Act confidently and manly

A single woman has one sphere of life she cannot fulfill regardless of her efforts. She needs a stronghold – a real man. She obviously can live without it and her life will be complete. But only a strong man can make her 100% happy. It’s not about us being sexists. It is just the wat nature designed humanity. A single mother would gladly fall for an assertive and self-confident man. Unfortunately, such individuals are rare nowadays. Make it your advantage!

3. Make her feel sexy again

You are wrong if you think that women like cheesy verbal compliments and trivial pickup lines. Even the most desperate girls do not always fall for that. You need to be creative to show how sexually attractive a single mother is. Shift your attention to her collarbones, her lips, and her intelligence! You should praise these ‘parts’ of her to make her feel sexy. Some women experience sexual frustration after giving birth. If you become the one who cures this frustration, your success with this woman is guaranteed.

4. Respect her motherhood

As we are talking about single mothers, we should not forget about children. Obviously, kids are not the only interest these women have. Nevertheless, they will not date a man who disrespects their children. Your aim is to demonstrate your concern and curiosity. Children are a flourishing topic to discuss, so give her a chance to talk about it for a while. It will raise an emotional attachment between you two and will enhance her perception of your personality.