Games for Couples: Would You Rather Questions for Your Girlfriend


Would you rather have a great foreplay or a quick sex? It does not matter how old you are and how long you are in a relationship with your beloved, a quiz is an all-around way either to get entertained or to get closer.

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Would You Rather Game As A Way To Strengthen The Emotional Bond

I bet you want to know your beloved from A to Z. Of course, it will rather freak your couple out if you take a notebook and start asking her questions and writing down the answers. Whereas games like ‘would you rather’ may help you get to know your partner better and not freak him or her out a lot.

Would You Rather

The Would you rather game appears to be the most popular among couples in such cases. The Would You Rather rules are simple: you have a list of questions, starting with “would you rather…” and giving two options to choose from. There are two major ways to play this game. The first one requires your preparation. What you need is to either come up or rewrite at least 40 questions and take them to your date. The number of the questions may be different – just keep in mind that both of you may want to skip some questions.

By the way, you may improve the classic rules of the would you rather game and come up with a task/ a wish/ a punishment for the partner in case she or he wishes to skip the question. Of course, this is not actually appropriate if you two barely know each other. The best way to implement such creativity is to try it with someone you are in a long-lasting relationship.

would you rather question for your girlfriend​The questions for would you rather games may differ depending on the purpose. Thus, if you are wondering whether you have a lot in common or not, you should avoid asking sexual and dirty questions. Concentrate on something ordinary and usual for you. For example, if you are in love with fishing, ask something like “would you rather get lost for 24 hours in a forest or go fishing with me for a week?” Try to make your questions sound cute and funny so that the game does not turn into a serious battle. Another important thing is to give her the option to skip whatever she wants. You may try to convince her to give an answer but don’t be pushy. Remember – this is just a game.

Those of you who are not afraid of sexual games on their first/second/third dates may also use the game to get to know your partner’s intimate preferences. Basically, all you need to start the game is to be confident and enjoy the company of your partner. Besides, this game may serve you as a way to let her know what your intentions are. If you work hard on your sexual quiz, you may see how your date turns on right during the game.

The Magical Word

To tell the truth, the popularity of the “would you rather” game doesn’t make it the only game to play with your partner. Thus, you may make your date more exciting with the Magical Word game. The rules are simple: each of you should think of a word before the date and keep it secret; each time your partner pronounces your word, you should kiss the one. This game is romantic and is easy to play even if this is your first meeting. Besides, it may show the level of your attraction: the one who thinks of a rarely used word is less attracted than the one whose word is really common.

Guess the Word on your Back

In case if you are close enough to bare the top of your body (or your girl is comfortable with making her body partially bared), you should try the Guess the Word on your Back game. Write with your finger a word on the back of your partner. Then ask your partner to guess the word. The key thing here is to make the game as pleasant and romantic as possible. Thus, make sure you don’t use any bad or stupid words. Besides, your movements should be soft and smooth. Don’t try to scratch her back. Again, the game should be romantic. Another great thing about this game is that you can easily switch from guessing words to giving a massage. The key thing here is to make the word easy to guess. It should look like a real competition. Keep in mind why you are doing this in the first place. If your beloved has problems with guessing the word, then you can spell each letter separately.

Would You Rather Questions For Your Girlfriend

Here are some ready would you rather questions for couples. You may either use them without changing or come up with your own would you rather questions for your girlfriend following our example.

  • Would you rather spend your savings to buy an apartment or go on a trip around the world?
  • Would you rather have sex in the bedroom or in the kitchen?
  • Would you rather have a breakfast in the White House or have a breakfast with me?
  • Would you rather stay in front of me naked or in a bondage suit?
  • Would you rather go skiing or lie on the beach?
  • Would you rather kiss me or fuck me?
  • Would you rather watch a movie or go on a picnic?
  • Would you rather have sex with a young man or with a mature man?
  • Would you rather swim in the ocean alone or in Jacuzzi with me?
  • Would you rather do the laundry or clean the house?
  • Would you rather scream or remain cool?
  • Would you rather have a cat or a dog?
  • Would you rather have a bath or take a shower?
  • Would you rather have a wild or a gentle sexual partner?
  • Would you rather walk in the snow or under the rain?
  • Would you rather have a cocktail or some tequila with me?
  • Would you rather like to be able to time travel or to teleport?

Write down these would you rather questions for your girlfriend and have a great time. And don’t forget that each would you rather question for your girlfriend should include a “skip” option. As you can see from the questions, not all of them are appropriate for your first date. Don’t be lazy and filter out those you won’t need.

For instance, the “would you rather be able to time travel or to teleport” question is rather interesting and neutral. Thus, there is nothing rude or flirty about it. This question will perfectly suit your first date with a girl.

games like would you ratherAnother interesting kind of question is a flirting question like “would you rather have a breakfast in the white house or have a breakfast with me” There is nothing wrong with this question, it does not sound rude or inappropriate for dating. However, you should be able to distinguish general curious questions and those which have both a general part and a cute flirting (romantic) part.

The “would you rather stay in front of me naked or in a bondage suit” question is intriguing BUT it is likely to freak out a girl if you use it during your first, second and even third date. This question will do if you play with your fiancée, perhaps. Another option to use this kind of question is to make sure that your date has a great sense of humor and will perceive it as a joke exclusively. The same is about “would you rather kiss me or fuck me” question. This one is also rather rude to use on the first five-ten dates. Well, I bet you will easily sort them using your intuition.

Keep in mind, that you should be able to draw the line correctly: where the flirty questions end and the dirty questions start. Once I met a few friends of mine and started our party with this game. And you know what – the questions were horrible. I wish I could write them here. Trust me, there is nothing worse than rude questions addressed to a girl in this game. Thus, after having such an experience I had a few questions concerning the moral compass of those friends.

If you are planning to play this game with your girlfriend, do not drink too much. Of course, it is better not to drink much in general, no matter what game you are planning. However, if you want to have a cocktail or two, make sure it won’t spoil the game. And prepare the questions in advance.

Would You Rather Game: Dirty Edition

I bet, the dirty edition of the game is even more popular among couples. The thing is that dirty would you rather questions are great for those, who are in long-lasting relationships. Thus, while light edition may be used more during your rose and candy stage, the dirty would you rathers may sweeten your relationships.

Of course, it is not a problem to find a list of dirty would you rather questions on the Internet. However, I strongly recommend you create it on your own. The questions should be personal even if the context is sexual. There is no sense in asking her a question you are not interested in.

Another thing you should take into account when playing dirty would you rather, is the right timing and placing. Dirty would you rather question are always special. Well, there is nothing to worry about if the game is appropriate: let’s say, you are at a party, you drink alcohol and you know everyone is in a great mood.

  • Would you rather have sex in a park or in the shower?
  • Would you rather be a patient or a doctor?
  • Would you rather have sex with the lights on or in the dark?
  • Would you rather try all the variety of positions or practice your favorite one?
  • Would you rather be a teacher or a student?

Do not offer people, especially your beloved one, playing would you rather dirty edition if they (she) lack sense of humor. The thing is that dirty questions don’t have to be erotic and sophisticated so that you can turn your girl on, some of them are funny and clumsy so that you can make fun and have a good time, in general. Thus, make sure everyone will perceive the game in the right way.

Do not confuse flirty and dirty questions. While the first is appropriate almost in every situation, where you and your date are, the later one may not be taken well. Another tip for those of you, who want to try the dirty edition: don’t scare off your date. Make it clear that some of your questions have nothing to do with your real preferences. You know, sometimes people do not enjoy too diverse or even extreme sexual life, but it does not mean they cannot talk dirty things over.