What Is Chemistry Between Two People?


People can talk about chemistry between the sexes endlessly. There are various myths – we believe more in some of them and less in others. However, most people believe in love at first sight. And scientists provide evidence in favor of the statement that women choose potential partners and future fathers of their children relying on the smell of men. There is also the assumption that opposites are attracted, but others believe that the commonality of views strengthens a relationship. How does it really work?

If we try to imagine all our partners in our minds, we will find some similar features not only in personal qualities but also in appearance, facial features or even similar smell and social status of people that we choose. So, is it not for a reason? Let’s figure it out!

what is chemistry between two people

What is chemistry between people? Defining abstract phenomenon

Despite all the apparent spontaneity of falling in love due to the chemistry between a loving man and a woman, there is still a clear purpose. It is not accidental. The attraction of people carries very important information. It is necessary to understand what is this – the chemistry everyone is talking about? Without an understanding of the essence, a relationship turns into a series of spontaneous reactions, which often go out of control. It hardly attracts anyone in a relationship.

What we call chemistry between a man and a woman

The sense of passion can be hidden under the word “chemistry”. It is well described by the formula “spark–storm–madness”. When chemistry occurs, something in your behavior and traits of your character causes your partner to have a dopamine surge. The same thing happens to you. And that’s all – you “fly away”. Warm emotions of one person are mirrored in another, and a certain cycle of positive reaction is created, thanks to which these people begin to feel better next to each other.

If you are strongly attracted to someone, this person takes up all your thoughts, and sometimes all your free time. You spent together all night, but it seems like an hour has passed. If you hear a call, you hope that it comes from the object of your sympathy. And most likely, it is so. You constantly wonder what he (or she) thinks about this song, about this film, about the weather, how comments on your visit to the dentist and the like. So, what is chemistry between two people? It can be argued that a relationship is a real chemistry.

What causes chemistry between two people?

Usually, when talking about the chemistry of relationships, people mean something that is not understood in terms of mind and logic. I’m sure you heard something like this:

  • We just looked at each other and realized that we would grow old together! I fell in love!
  • She even has not said and done anything. But I already love her!
  • My blood pressure rises from this person!

chemistry between a man and a womanThat is, we can’t explain it with the mind, but there is the reaction and it manifests itself in the body and emotions. It is difficult to trace what is the cause of the emergence of chemistry. Anything can start the mechanism: for example, you will like how he or she laughs at your jokes. It is felt equally by both sides. If you feel something, you can be sure that another person feels the same.

All who lived a period of love, remember about it with trepidation and the desire to experience it again. And all this is due to chemistry or rather biochemistry changes in blood because of a fairly powerful release of hormones. It is worth noting that unrequited love also gives rise to very real suffering-torture of both moral and physical nature (reduced mood, apathy, insomnia, feelings of discomfort in the heart and much more). One of the well-founded beliefs is that love is a hormonal process, in which, first of all, such harmonics as dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, endorphins, and oxytocin with vasopressin are involved. By the way, hate, rage, anger is attributed to the effects of norepinephrine – the predecessor of adrenaline (both substances are responsible for the reaction of “fight or flight” in a stressful situation. Norepinephrine pushes to fight and adrenaline – to escape). Yes, we have a real chemical laboratory inside ourselves.

What is sexual chemistry between two people?

When deeper relationships occur, when the “chemistry of kisses and hugs” ends, it’s time for intimacy. Intimacy is simply necessary for people. I am sure that each of us experienced these sensations at least once in life at the sight of a sexual object – flutter in the belly, a sense of eternal flight, exacerbation of smell and hearing, blunting orientation, lack of appetite, a sense of euphoria, and most importantly – a wild sexual attraction from any touch or just a fleeting glance.

When there is a chemical reaction, sex becomes a drug for people. Sex is not just a need. It’s a way to express your emotions, get closer, and feel each other better. Sex with a person who contributed to the production of the hormone of happiness becomes a real physiological explosion for you. Orgasm is no longer the highest point and peak of pleasure. The sexual act itself, every movement and touch take you to the peak of pleasure. It is enough to recall those people to whom we are sexually attracted and it immediately becomes clear that we have sexual chemistry only toward them – whoever makes our hormones more active. There are an unexplained energy and strong sexual chemistry.

But don’t forget that this very chemistry is just the first stage of falling in love, which can end sooner or later like the action of any drug. A sense of euphoria will pass and sex will become less passionate. And it will depend only on you and your choice whether these emotions will be something more than a chemical reaction. So, it is so important to choose the one with whom it is good even out of bed.

Signs of love chemistry between a man and a woman

Perhaps you are familiar with this feeling: there is a spark between you and your loved one, and you inexplicably pulled to this person. Here are some obvious signs that are always present in a healthy relationship:

Many smiles

When both people laugh, they simultaneously produce endorphins. And when people are very close, they only have their own understandable jokes. If there is a positive relationship between two people, then they smile a lot during communication. The reason is simple. When we are happy, we are smiling. And this is a natural reaction. Even the shyest introverts will rejoice.

The feeling that you know each other the whole life

Have you ever felt that you have known this particular person a long time ago? Such a powerful feeling occurs infrequently. When this happens, an inexplicable feeling of comfort appears and your conversation is built absolutely naturally and at ease.

Desire to communicate

Is there chemistry between us? If you have an incredible desire to see a person in his or her absence and look forward to your next meeting (and he/she experiences the same), then this is another component of chemistry that has arisen between you.

what causes chemistry between two people Spiritual communication

Although we sometimes can’t understand why we feel a special spiritual connection with someone, nevertheless, it does exist. You catch each other’s thoughts and understand each other at a half-word. It is magic!


This is a behavioral model when one person subconsciously imitates the gestures, speech or manner of behavior of another person. All people participate in such a mirror image whether we realize it or not. When we like someone, we subconsciously adopt some manners and gestures of each other. This happens because when we imitate another person, it seems to us that he or she will like us more.

Feeling of instant comfort

We have already touched this a little in the second paragraph, but it should be emphasized that such a sensation is a powerful sign of strong chemistry between a man and a woman. When we meet someone for the first time, our natural reaction is to strain a little. We use a formal language and are little nervous. But an absolute sense of comfort can immediately arise between some people.

Sexual attraction

In order for physical contact to arise, you need to feel comfortable enough in the presence of each other. Even touching hands or light patting on the back, all this should cause a positive reaction in the other. Playful touches as if by accident are almost universal sign of chemistry. Men and women like to use this behavior to understand the response. When this game is enjoyable for both, it means a lot.

Time flies

When you spend time together, it seems as if the clock is running faster. If you admit that you lose the track of time with a certain person, there is definitely something between you.


None of us tell the truth all the time. But when there are chemistry and understanding between two loving hearts, people don’t feel the need to lie to each other because they are trying to get to know each other better.

What are the characteristics of good chemistry between two people?

When we like someone, we begin to notice any little things that other people don’t pay attention to. These little things mean a lot when we realize that we are not indifferent to someone, that he or she pays attention to even small things.

Very often, there is another kind of chemistry in a couple. Since there are no physical barriers between lovers, they show affinity through various trifles, such as a gentle kiss or a hug. They don’t have a hidden motive of a sexual nature. This is one of the ways how they can show love to each other. They support each other and allocate time for partners. There is the feeling of respect between people as it was on the first romantic dates. No relationship will be happy without respect for each other and the individuality. People want their partners to feel welcome and try to maintain passion in a relationship. When there is chemistry in a couple, people do all of the above to keep love.

Not all relationships end after three years. Not all couples are going to have children in the first years of a joint life. People are able to love each other and after losing sexual attractiveness (passion subsides and the reproductive function decreases). Maybe love is not just chemistry but also magic? We can become an alchemist and “conjure” and “charm” without understanding the complexities of the chemistry of love and work hard to maintain a relationship.