What Places are best for Dates with Russian Women


I cannot say that Russian women prefer diversity in dates, but it will be a great benefit if your date will be creative and one of a kind, especially if this is your first date. So, what do you need to know about Russian dating to give a good account of yourself?

What Places are best for Dates with Russian Women


One thing you can be sure about is that a romantic date ideas are still all the rage. Now, what Russian ladies consider to be romantic? The time-honored roses. Russian women adore roses. Try giving her a hundred and one rose and you’ll see how fast she will share the photo via all possible social networks and how happy she will be. That does not mean you should choose between roses and roses exclusively. Not even close! Russian girls find wildflowers really romantic, as well. It is totally up to you (and the amount of money you are ready to spend on this stuff).

Not less romantic for Russian women are candles. Candles are more difficult to plan as you need as a specific environment for this stuff. Thus, if you’re planning a picnic in the park and want the candles to surround you, you will look insane. Besides, if you do put the candles in advance somewhere in park in Moscow, I can ensure you that for the moment you both come there - they will be gone, as well as food, wine, and blankets =)

If you feel that your Russian lady is not fond of the romantic stuff, you may take a punt on a healthy and active date. The vast majority of Russian women, who are looking for a love abroad, prefer healthy lifestyle, so that’s the case when you can plan something like riding horses in woods, where you can enjoy the fresh air, for example.

Another interesting approach is to plan the date so that it will emphasize your benefits. If you are a kind of person that does charity, show it, and check whether your Russian girl has the same feeling about deprived children, for example. Thus, you may go shopping together not for the fancy dresses, but for board games and toys for kids and visit an orphanage to give the gifts to the orphans. You may also finish the day with taking her to a café or a hidden restaurant with an intimate atmosphere to share your emotions and ideas about the day.


You must have heard about severe Russian climate. If yes, you should understand that the date ideas will vary depending on the weather conditions. Of course, there some general places and sites you may visit with your Russian girl whenever you want (I mean, theaters, cinemas, museums, galleries. etc.)But you want to make your date unforgettable, don’t you? Thus, let’s consider best places to go for a date, as well as fun date ideas.

  • a boat tour

If it happens that you visit Russia in summer, ask your Russian lady to show you some interesting sites while you are in Moscow. Then, after she agrees, buy two tickets for a boat tour. It will be easy for her to be your personal guide for some time and less exhausting for both of you than a foot tour. Besides, you can have a dinner together during the tour and talk things over.

  • a date on a skyscraper

Another creative idea on the good places for a first date is to arrange a date on the roof of a skyscraper. The strategy depends on how much money you are ready to spend on the date. Thus, there is an option to play golf and view stunning scenery from the roof of a skyscraper. Besides, the vast majority of Russian ladies do not know how to play golf, that’s why it may be a new and interesting experience for her. However, you should not make her feel uncomfortable during the date. If you believe that your lady won’t be excited about luxury places, then plan something less expensive. For instance, you may suggest her having a picnic or a dinner with candles on the roof. It does not sound luxurious but is not less romantic for that reason.

  • a shooting stage just for two of you

If you are pretty sure that you know how to date a Russian woman but lack ideas, think of her favorite Russian TV show or soap. You may arrange a date at the studio where her favorite soap is being shot. Another interesting idea is to give her a chance to meet a star of her favorite TV show star. The thing is that Russia is not Hollywood, it is much easier to arrange such a thing there and won’t cost you a lot, by the way.

  • unthread the maze

If you have already been on your first day and get to know each other better, you may offer her something extraordinary or even extreme. Thus, quest rooms are becoming popular in Russia. Suggest her visiting one of them. You may choose the topic if you are pretty sure what will be interesting for her. By the way, quest rooms may be not only interesting but also scaring. There are some rooms which suggest you going through a labyrinth in a total darkness. This thing is freaking me out, but it is worth visiting. The thing is that it may even help you two become closer. When your Russian girl feels scared she will hold you tight and will ask you to hold her hand not to be lost in this darkness. Once you are finished you’ll feel that you became closer and does not seem so weird to hold and touch each other.

  • a drive-in cinema

There is a great number of guys who believe that cinema is one of the best places for a first day. If you think so too, we suggest you renting a car and take her to a drive-in cinema. The thing is that Russian ladies consider such cinemas to be very romantic, not to mention that this kind of entertainment is new for Russians. So there are high chances that this will be the first time for her. Furthermore, if you are an old-fashioned kind of guy in relation to how to date a Russian woman do not hesitate to ask her out to a drive-in cinema.

There is nothing difficult in Russian women dating if you are prepared. If you decided that to date a Russian girl or to date a Russian woman is what you want, just follow the hints we’ve mentioned below and both of you will spend a great time together (no matter whether it is your first date or a fifth one).