Russian Dating Rules You Need to Know


Every nation has its peculiarities related to the concepts of relationships and marriage. In some cultures, parents are solely responsible for marrying their children – they find proper partners and arrange the wedding on whatever time they prefer to (which don’t always fit their children’s aspirations). In other cultures, adolescents are fully responsible for their future, in this case – family life. Russian culture exists as a buffer between Western and Eastern civilizations. It has been heavily affected by both cultures; however, it managed to maintain cultural self-identity in all spheres of life.

In this article, we are going to discuss Russian dating rules. This knowledge will help you understand your Russian girl better and build a perfect relationship with her. Keep on reading!


1. Piousness and religiousness

Even though Russians are believed to be quite a freethinking nation, the Orthodox Church plays a significant role in social processes. Girls are brought up in the atmosphere of religiousness (even though not all the people believe in God sincerely – some of them do it mechanically, recreating what they were taught to). When girls look for partners, they often consider piousness as one of the most important characteristics. That is why you would often bump into virgins in their early 20-s – they see this as an act of self-respect.

2. First kiss and sex

The culture of touching also differs from nation to nation. Due to the aforementioned facts, Russian culture does not really like excessive touching. Girls won’t mind if you help them go up the stairs or wear the coat, but not more than that. Grabbing and hugging is not appropriate during the initial phase of your relationship. Your first kiss should be magical – these women really love momentary emotions, sparkles, and romance in general. We cannot determine when exactly the kiss should happen. Listen to your heart and watch attentively how your prospective girlfriend reacts to your attempts. Talking about sex, you should never initiate anything dirty or erotic before you become committed or build a real emotional bond. In fact, you should better omit sexual topics as they make Russian girls feel rather uncomfortable.

3. Babushka and tyosha

The Russian family is a unique phenomenon with lots of peculiarities. For instance, you must have heard about Russian babushka. It’s not just another grandmother. It’s a specific creature that devotes its life to taking care of her grandchildren, cooking for them and feeding until they reach the point of visible obesity, taking care of their school and social life etc. However, it’s also said that Russian babushka is an angry old woman that uses public transport in the early morning and yelling all the time just because she’s always offended. These two concepts are equally authentic. Talking about Russian family, you should also know something about tyosha (mother-in-law) that, in most cases, hates you without any noticeable reason – just because you are trying to ‘steel’ her precious daughter. Nonetheless, Russian families are rather friendly and will be happy to welcome a new member. You should never limit your wife when it comes to her communication with parents. Russian traditionalism dictates strong connection between family members, and that’s why these families stick together.

4. Roles and responsibilities in family

A Russian woman thinks that a man is a provider and a woman is a housekeeper. You should understand that the sexual revolution and emancipation haven’t affected Russians that much. They believe that gender roles still work and stick to it. Men should obligatory provide their wives with everything a normal woman would need while she’s doing her best to make their home a cozy place (Slavic girls are believed to be the best housekeepers in the entire world). Despite such approach seems outdated and chauvinistic, girls from Russia somewhat prefer it to other attitudes. They also prefer to take care of children instead of passing responsibilities to nannies or babysitters. Men take part in raising children but only as a guest star. Of course, these facts are relevant only for a lion’s share of women but not for all.

5. Making the first move

Another interesting fact about dating in Russia. We have already mentioned that this country has not been really affected by feministic movements – and that’s why men are still responsible for making the first move towards women. Girls are afraid to look anxious and desperate. That is why they very rarely take the leading role in the relationship development. Don’t think of it as something bad; you can take advantage of this fact and attract the most beautiful girl of all by being assertive and self-assured – Russian girls love such behavior.