Questions to Avoid on the First Date with a Russian Lady


It happens that men lose the power of speech on the date with a gorgeous Russian lady. If your intentions are serious, you are likely to be nervous during the first date. So, how not to screw up on the first date with a Russian lady? What questions to ask a woman are better to avoid?

Questions to Avoid on the First Date with a Russian Lady


It will be really helpful if you think over your conversation in advance. Here are some tips on how to build your conversation:

Imagine that you are walking through the Tretyakov Gallery and see a stunning Russian lady there. Start your conversation with a simple observation and share the observation in the form of a question to ask a Russian girl. Both of you will understand that the answer is not essential here. What is essential is the way this Russian lady responds. If the one seems to respond kindly and smiles to you, keep talking (and asking). In case if she does not want to respond and seems to be careless, it is better to switch your attention to another girl.

Do not worry too much about the sense of the questions to ask a Russian lady)

Keep the conversation going naturally. Do not strike the Russian girl you like with all the phrases you’ve prepared in advance or any other clichés. Your behavior should be natural. What you say should go right from your heart. The conversation with a Russian lady is not about words, it’s more about emotions. If you are too nervous or just have no idea what to start with – say “Hi”. It may be hard to believe but a simple Hi may sound really cute. Just keep that in mind.

Compliment your Russian lady. But don’t forget that you met her a few minutes ago. This is why it is not the best idea to compliment on her sexy legs or hot lips. Start with something casual. Pick up an item from her look you like most of all. Let’s say, you love the necklace she wears. Say so! Say that her necklace is beautiful and looks like a one of a kind. This may be followed by the question, “Is it from some exotic country?” and keep the conversation going. Travelling is your strong point. It will be obvious to her that if you come to Russian from the US, it is not a big deal to travel to some exotic and distant countries.


You see, asking questions (even if you are not actually interested in answers) is an important part of a conversation with a pretty Russian woman. Thus, if you want to ask that girl out you need to make sure that she is interested in you both as a man and as a talker. However, not all questions to ask a lady are so innocent. Some of them may actually spoil everything, as well as offend the woman.

Now, let’s imagine you first talk was successful enough and you are going on a date with that cute Russian lady, you met at Tretyakov Gallery. Here are some first date questions you should avoid.

Do not ask her any of MERCANTILE questions you have. Ask about things you are interested in the first place. Thus, if you really like that Russian beauty her salary is not what you should be interested in the first place. Even if you want to know that because you are curious. Think about how you would react if a girl would ask you, “What is your salary?”

The same is about questions on the position she holds and the company she works for.

Avoid questions that she may consider being STUPID or rough. The thing is you are talking to a girl, not to your fellow. In fact, what you expect from a Russian girl you go on a date with differs from a friendly meeting expectations.

Do not ask her direct questions to check her POLITICAL views. If this one is truly important to you, ask her some probing questions that will include some proofs of her political views instead.

The same is about RELIGION. This may be really offensive for a Russian girl. If this is important to you, it is better to tell something about your worldview and religion (in case if you are religious) and only then ask her to share some ideas on that matter.

Avoid questions about SEX. Even if you are curious about her sexual preferences this is not the best topic to discuss on the first date.

Do not even think to ask your Russian lady about her HEALTH during the date. I cannot imagine a more inappropriate question to ask a girl or topic to discuss on a first date. Just imagine which way a discussion of different diseases and allergies will lead you.

It is not an option to use TOO INTIMATE questions as well. Do not ask her if she has children or ever wanted to have or even if she can have children. This is crap! There is no Russian woman who will sit till the end of the date if you keep asking her such questions.

Of course, this is a bad idea to ask your Russian lady about her EX-BOYFRIENDS or EX-HUSBANDS. These may be interesting questions to ask a girl, of course. HOWEVER, it does not matter what you want to know about her EXs, this is a topic to avoid on the first date.

Now, here are 3 WORST QUESTIONS TO ASK A RUSSIAN GIRL on a first date:

  • Do you do anal regularly?
  • Do you have any names chosen for your future children?
  • Would you mind to donate some blood with me? We could buy some beer and burgers for that money.


It is impossible to enumerate all the appropriate topics to discuss on the first date with a Russian girl as they are really diverse! Besides, even those one which are not usually considered as appropriate may sound pretty nice and cute. Just try joking on one of them =) Russian ladies love men with a sense of humor. So add some humor to your great first date questions.

Here are some QUESTIONS TO ASK A RUSSIAN WOMAN on a first date (some of them are fun and ironic and some are serious – it’s up to you). These are the best first date questions:

  • Have you ever thought about going to a monastery?
  • Which fairy tale have you come from?
  • What would you like to achieve?
  • What do you want more than anything in life?
  • How do you imagine the perfect vacation?
  • Tell about your childhood.
  • What can make you sorrow?
  • What makes you mad about this city?
  • What do you think the main differences between men and women are?
  • What do girls discuss when they talk about guys?
  • Do you enjoy cooking?
  • What kind of process will be a total pleasure for you?

Do you want your children to look like you or your future husband more? (say, if they look like me)

If you follow all the tips above, it will be a pleasure for you to date a Russian girl. Your successful communication may even inspire you for some first date ideas. Besides, after a great first date with a Russian woman, you will feel more confident and will not hesitate about what question to ask but will enjoy the Russian women dating.

The good questions to ask a girl may be as diverse as the topics are. Just keep in mind those to avoid and be creative.