How to Date Single Mothers


For most men the idea of dating a woman who has a kid may seem intimidating. However, with the high divorce rates, there is a chance you’ll fall right for a single mom. The fact that she is already a mother shouldn’t make you give up on your efforts to build a relationship with her. It’s understandable that you may be confused at first but the main thing in your situation is to get rid of all stereotypes about single mothers and realize that, in the first place, she is a gorgeous woman still wanting to find her Mr. Right. If you’ve never been married and you don’t have children yet, you may face some challenges dating a single parent. However, if you’ve made up your mind that you want to try to build a relationship with a single mom, you should learn the ins and outs of this kind of dating in order to avoid possible issues.


  • Take your time.

She’s been in a relationship and knows how it can end. It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to get hurt by rushing into a relationship and then finding herself disillusioned. Be ready that she’ll just enjoy your company and view you as a friend and sexual partner at first. Do not expect that you’ll meet her child(ren) shortly after your first dates. But when she’ll finally invite you to her place and decide to introduce you to her daughter or son, this will indicate that you’ve gained her trust and that you mean much to her.

  • Plan ahead.

The era of spontaneous dates had come and gone for her when she gave birth to her little lady or gentleman. Now she lives according to her schedule. You should understand and accept it. If you plan a date with her, ask her out well in advance so that she could find a babysitter for that night. You can offer to find and pay for a babysitter to show her that you care. If you want to take her somewhere on a vacation, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected surprise. Again, she’ll need to find somebody to take care of her child and clear the things up with her boss.

  • Be honest with your intentions.

Playing your game and wasting her time is not the right tactics. If you view her only as a date and you’re not ready to become a father for her child, let her know about it. She should be aware of your plans for the nearest future. However, if you are sure about your feelings and have serious intentions, make your actions speak for you.

  • Know about her expectations.

If a single mother gets back to the dating scene, it doesn’t necessarily mean that her aim is to find a father for her kid(s). Single moms know what they want and what they are looking for. Some of them want just some flirting to feel that they are women, not only mothers, while others want to start a long-term relationship. There are also single parents looking for a happy medium. All of them do their best to find the time for their personal life. It’s advisable to make your expectation clear from the start in order to understand whether you are looking in the same direction or your romance will never become a relationship.

  • Involve her child.

When the two of you are sure that the things are serious between you, it’s time to meet the main person in her life – her child. To become closer to her kids, you should start involving them into your dates. This can be easily done by going to the zoo or theme park together so that everyone will be interested in that activity. Also, don’t try to act like a father – become a kid’s friend first.

  • Accept the presence of her ex in her life.

Find out more about the father of her children to understand the situation better. If he is involved in his child’s life, you should understand and accept that your woman will see him from time to time, so don’t be jealous. You can meet her ex and show him that you’re a trustworthy guy.