How to Date Beautiful Canadian Women: A Full Guide


Hot Canadian women… considering the fact that everyone is talking about Canada being one of the coldest countries in the world, the mere suggestion that beautiful Canadian women can be hot seems a bit ridiculous. But, either thanks to the cultural diversity or to something else, your chances to date a hot Canadian woman are pretty high. That seems quite suggestive, but, as usual, you have to learn a thing or two to achieve success in dating Canadian women. So, we offer you to check out the peculiarities of dating Canadian women, the traits of women of the True North and the major differences between them and their counterparts from the United States.

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Canadian Women Traits

You might have certain skills in dating, but they may turn out absolutely useless when you try to charm sexy Canadian women. While Canada is closer to the United States than any other country, Canadians are way more different from Americans. Your knowledge of dating habits of European and Asian women are also of no use. While Quebec may be closer to France and other provinces may be closer to the United Kingdom in terms of traditions, dating Canadian women is not the same as dating French and British women. So, let's figure out what makes Canadian girls that different.

1. They Are Casual And Informal

In the United States, as well as in Europe people are obsessed with their income and their status. Canadians are way different. Regardless of their income or social status Canadians remain casual. Yep, they do dress up for work and special events, but mainly you'll see Canadians in casual outfits. The big cities in Canada are less divided into upper-class and lower-class districts. Even when there is an upper-class district in a city, you won't be able to tell it from a lower-class region. So, what does it tell you about Canadian women? It means that you are not going to be judged by your outfit or your income. It also means that she won't act like some diva that you need to deserve a right even to talk to. Seems quite nice, right?

2. They Value Their Personal Space

You know how annoying women can be when you are in a relationship? "Where are you going?", "Whom are you chatting with?", "Why aren't you taking me with you?", and "Why don't you talk with me?" Well, that's something that never happens when you are dating a Canadian woman. Canadian women value their personal space, so you are not going to feel like you are having some kind of spavin instead of a girlfriend. So, let your Canadian girlfriend have her alone-time, and you will have yours. Also, you know how annoying it is when you are a foreigner and a girl starts complaining about how she's afraid that your couple won't survive a long-distance relationship? Again, it's something that won't happen to you when you date Canadian women. As they value their personal space, they are more okay with long-distance relationships than women from other countries.

3. They Get Turned On By Weird Things

You like weird movies? You are a fan of strange music? Most of your girlfriends deem you weird because of your tastes? Well, you definitely should date a Canadian girl, as they get turned on by weird stuff. It doesn't mean that if you are a typical guy who likes action movies and goes to church every Sunday you don't stand a chance with girls from the True North. They are more into guys who are movie geeks and would rather prefer Arcade Fire's concert to Nickelback's concert.

Dating Canadian Women

Now, you've learned major traits of Canadian women. It may have made Canadian women more of an interest to you. However, it's not enough to know how to approach them properly. So, we offer you to check out the peculiarities of dating Canadian girls without further ado.

1. Seasonal Dating

Seasonal dating is a real thing in Canada. The dating season in Canada lasts from October to May, but some eager daters start searching for their perfect match as early as September. So, if you want to date a hot Canadian woman, you should start looking for her from October to May. You would definitely benefit from Canadian dating season if you are a winter-lover, as winter is the time when we are the most in need of cuddling and keeping our heating bills down with the heat of our beloved ones.

2. They Are Not Into Sitting Indoors

Have you ever complained about your girlfriend preferring staying at home on weekends? You want to have a picnic or a romantic eating out, but, no, she wants to stay at home. Well, that's something that won't happen to you when you are dating a Canadian woman. Canadian women are not into sitting indoors. They enjoy walking, they spend most of their time outdoors during patio-season, as when winter comes, they are forced to stay indoors. Yep, climate dictates a lot of things.

3. They Judge You by Your Beer Preferences

You got used to dates when a girl is telling you that she considers a guy having a drinking habit as a mild turn-off? And then she says that she hates men drinking beer. Well, that's again something that won't happen to you when you are dating a Canadian girl. But it doesn't mean that you should relax upon learning that. You are going to be judged by your beer preferences. If you are drinking Mill Street Organic and PBR – you are absolutely fine. But be careful if you don't. As Canadian women know their beers.

4. They Are Sarcastic About Stereotypes About Canada

If you are living in the United States, you are most likely to have a lot of stereotypes about Canada. There are two ways to approach this knowledge. You can try acting overly polite and keep silent about stereotypes Americans have about Canadians. Or you can try joking about that. Regardless of the way you choose, she's going to laugh at that. Canadian girls know a lot about stereotypes that other nations have about Canadians, and they approach them sarcastically. They can also tell you about the stereotypes that Canadians have about other nations.

5. They Reject You Super Politely

Rejection in dating is often quite a very painful experience. Some girls manage to make it even more painful with phrases like "Who the hell are you to think that I would date you?", and then she would post your conversation on Facebook, writing something like "Can you imagine that jerk tried to ask me out?" It's something that's not going to happen to you when you are trying to ask out a Canadian woman. A Canadian girl can reject you so politely that you won't think that it was a big deal.

Canadian vs. American Women

After reading everything above mentioned, you could have got a clearer picture that Canadian girls differ greatly from their counterparts from another countries. Now, it's time to figure out what are the main differences between Canadian and American women. Just like Canada differs from the US, despite sharing one continent, Canadian women differ greatly from their American sisters. So, let's check out those differences without further ado.

1. They Are Down To Earth

We've already discussed how Canadians are generally casual in comparison with their American counterparts. It would be inappropriate to say that all women in the US act that way, but American girls are more inclined to act in the diva way. You have to deserve an American girl, even when she likes you. Canadian girls are down to earth, and the only thing that matters to them is whether they like you or not.

2. They Are Passionate About Traveling

Americans have a lot of theoretical knowledge about other countries. Mostly that theoretical knowledge is rumor-based. While the US has all the possible landscapes and climates for its citizens not being that interested in traveling to hotter or colder countries, cultural and historical aspects can be understood and realized online after visiting a foreign country. Canadian women are passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures. They don't have theoretical knowledge about the habits and ways of life in other countries, they have observed them while traveling.

3. They Like Cooking

Well, most Americans won't like to read this, but we need to face the truth. American women are experts in ready-to-cook meals, and thus they are struggling with the basic recipes. There are American women who are definitely great cooks, but they are extremely rare. Canadian women, on the other hand, not only can cook, but they like doing that. They can cook any type of fish like a chef at home. Same goes with meat. So, if you marry a Canadian woman, you can forget about pre-prepared food from the supermarket for good.

4. They Are Very Sporty

Remember we've already mentioned that Canadian girls hate staying indoors? Well, that's because they like outdoor games as much as their men do. Tennis, skating, hockey, shooting... and that's just the tip of an iceberg of sport activities that Canadian women enjoy. So, being fans of the same hockey team is quite possible when dating a Canadian girl.

5. They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Unlike their American counterparts, they are better at getting the jokes without making an effort. Canadian girls won't make an awkward situation from offensive joke. They would rather overlook it. As we've already mentioned the sarcastic approach that Canadian women have towards stereotypes about their homeland, so it is almost impossible to offend them with an inappropriate or offensive joke. But be ready, they can respond with the joke that you may find offensive.

Most Beautiful Canadian Women

Well, after being provided with all the above-mentioned information, you are most likely to start searching for some dating site that offers Canadian women for dating or packing your bags to make a trip to Canada. If that wasn't enough, we decided to give you an insight into the most beautiful Canadian women. So, we offer you to check out our list of the most gorgeous famous Canadian women.

Rachelle Lefevre

Montreal-born Rachelle Lefevre is probably best known for her portrayal of Victoria Sutherland in the first two movies of the "Twilight" saga, as well as for her roles in medical drama "Off the Map" and based on Stephen King's novel TV-series "Under the Dome". You can spot this downright attractive and charming redhead actress in the acclaimed Canadian series "Mary Kills People".

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Marina Laswick

The stunning blonde Marina Laswick once worked as bridal consultant. After that she managed to participate in Miss USA, became one of the most famous models in Canada and appeared on covers of over a thousands of magazines. Aside from being a model, Marina Laswick is also a photographer and a blogger. Last but not the least, her Instagram account has more than 600,000 followers.

famous Canadian women

Ellen Page

It won't be an exaggeration to call Ellen Page one of the most successful Canadian actresses of the 21st century. Halifax-born Ellen Page generally looks like your typical girl next door but makes a lot of models stand aside when she's wearing haute-couture clothes. By the age of 31, she has already won an Oscar and starred in more than thirty films that were either critically acclaimed or box office successes.

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