Refund Policy members can join the Website free of charge and pay exclusively for the communication services they use, since there is no membership fee on our Website. Before joining in the Website, you should carefully read and agree to the Refund Policy conditions. With the exception of some specific circumstances, such as technical problems in the site operation or fraudulent abuse of your payment, we do not provide any refunds after our communication service has been used. If you have serious proofs that your payment was unauthorized, you can contact our Support, provide these proofs and apply for the refund and they will get back to you within a 48-hours period. 
While applying for the refund or reporting any fraudulent activities with your credit cards, kindly do not forget to provide us with your registration details that you received upon joining our Website., in its sole discretion, may terminate your account without providing any refund, if it is considered that you have violated the Website policies and rules.
Please, use our contact address for the further questions or comments: 
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